Eida Chareidit Notice Ahead of Lag B’Omer

16 Iyar 5772
May 8, 2012

The Badatz Eida Chareidit has announces exactly which places are under its kashrus supervision in the Kever Rashbi as well as other northern cities ahead of Lag B’Omer.

The badatz warns that others selling food and assuring customers that “we are badatz” are not under the hashgacha and therefore, the badatz assume no responsibility for the product sold.

JKN reminds readers that one must always ask to a see a valid teudat kashrut from the certifying hashgacha.

Kever Rashbi on Lag B’Omer (Under Badatz Eida Chareidit)
1. Hachnasas Orchim Rashbi (R’ Carlebach & R’ Perlmutter)
2. Tzidkas HaRashbi (R’ Freid)
3. Ohel HaRashbi (R’ Schnitzer – only the bottom location near the entrance to Moshav Meron)
4. Hilula HaRashbi – sandwiches and drinks (R’ Kupershtock)
5. Simchas HaRashbi (in the Toldos Aaron courtyard)

All cooked items are likely to be meat or ‘chezkas basari’.

The hashgacha expires on motzei Lag B’Omer, Thursday night.

Following are area restaurants with Badatz hashgacha as well:
1. Tiveria (Planterin Hotel) 12 Echad HaAm Street
2. Tzfat (Mendy’s) 29 Yerushalayim Street
3. Tzfat (Eshel Restaurant – Teitlebaum) 11 Bar Yochai Street

The badatz reminds travelers to Kever Rashbi not to buy chametz items from a vendor that does not display a valid “sale of chametz” certificate.

The badatz also reminds travelers that a valid “Sale of chametz” certificate is not a replacement for a valid teudat kashrus.

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