Information from Badatz Eida Chareidit (Post Pesach 4)

7 Iyar 5772

April 29, 2012

“>eida-chareidit4The following information is taken from the badatz’s Kashrut Guide 62, Nissan 5772. The guide pertains to badatz certified items during the year with the exclusion of Pesach.

The order is the same order information appears in the guide.

Based on comments posted to this series and the many emails I received, I wish to once again stress that the content included below is from the Badatz Eida Chareidit, not JKN.

The information represents policy/opinion of the Badatz Eida Chareidit rabbi and it may or may not be in line with your practice. If you have Halachic questions I urge you to consult with your rabbi. One should not seek halachic responses from this website.

My goal is to familiarize you with Eida operating procedure to provide you with a baseline for comparison. The Eida is transparent and publishes its standards. This permits you to make inquiries regarding the policy of other hechsherim.

In addition, there are many issues mentioned that many readers are unfamiliar with and increasing our kashrut awareness will facilitate our decision-making regarding hechsherim and kashrut practices in general.

In some cases, a food item is listed just to share with you some of the concerns of the kosher supervising agency, in this case the Badatz Eida Chareidit. Too often many of us still naively say “what can be wrong with this?”

And finally, the food production industry today is massive and products contain ingredients manufactured around the world. There is almost nothing being sold without visible or invisible additives and therefore, everything requires kosher supervision from a reliable hashgacha. Just which hashgacha you deem “reliable” is your decision, perhaps best made in consultation with a rabbi that is in the kosher loop. Not all rabbonim have this knowledge.

  • Candies and Sweets

We have recently found there are dairy candies being manufactured and on the wrapper it says in English “kosher parve”. We have also found dairy candies originating in Arab areas such as Ramallah and Shechem without markings identifying the area of production. One should be careful.

  • Saccharin

We have found some manufactured abroad that are marked parve but the ingredients lists “lactose” which makes it dairy.

The product (tablets, liquid and powder forms) contains components that are not cooked. Therefore one should you a klei shlishis when using the sweetener on Shabbos.

The badatz has made a special run and the saccharin under our hashgacha is totally cooked and therefore one does not have this problem on Shabbos. On containers included in this special run it will state the ingredients are all cooked alongside the badatz logo. It says עבר בישול מלא.

  • Salads (Turkish, Greek, eggplant, potato, humus, mushroom and more)

The products are cooked and/or fried by only by Jews who are Torah observant in accordance with the rulings of the Beit Yosef (Bishul Yisrael for Sephardim too).

  • Sardines

The fish have been inspected and cleared regarding any infestation. The entire cooking process is done by shomer Shabbos Jews only.

  • Lentils (Red and Green)

The hashgacha is also on the coating. The badatz has found there are lentils on the marketplace that have been smeared with an oil coating.

  • Mushrooms (Canned)

Cans supervised by the badatz are marked “checked and fear of infestation”. As has been published in the past canned mushrooms from China in recent years have been infested and one should not use them. The badatz will only use sources known to be clean and the product is then inspected again to be absolutely certain they are clean.

  • Instant Mashed Potatoes

This product is manufactured abroad with special badatz supervision. Mashed potato flakes available in the local marketplace may contain emulsifiers and be bishul akum. One should be aware of this.

  • Dried Fruits (raisins, plums and etc.)

Those certified by the badatz are free of concerns regarding an outer coating, shmitah, orla, trumos and ma’asros.

  • Pitot (Referring to pita breads)

The badatz has learned that many pitot sold, including those sold in falafel stores with the falafel are at times from Arab sources. In addition, on motzei Shabbos, immediately after Shabbos some stores will receive fresh pitot that were baked on Shabbos.

Therefore the badatz strongly advises the public to never buy pitot in the marketplace if one is unable to identify the source.

Regarding falafel stores under the badatz hashgacha, special arrangements are made to ensure coordination between the pita bakeries, the falafel store and the mashgichim to monitor the situation.

  • Paprika (Spice)

Make certain to buy fresh based on date of manufacture and keep it refrigerated since the product gets buggy quickly.

The badatz has checked and there is imported paprika being sold that contains oil that we fear is prohibited.

  • Rice Cakes

There are a number of types, including rice, wheat, spelt, oats and some mixed grains. All of them are Shehakol, but there are rabbis who say one should recite Borei Minei Mezonot or Borei Pri HaAdama.

  • Raisins

Those under the certification of the badatz undergo batch inspections and only those determined to be free of infestation are approved. That is why the badatz will not certify locally grown ones since there are highly infested.

Nevertheless, it is fitting to inspect them again prior to use by soaking in a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes and then using a spoon to sift across the top and inspect that which floated up to the top. If bugs are found one may not use them since there is no way to properly clean them.


  • EG
    April 29, 2012 - 21:03 | Permalink

    Answering here re Pizza Cheese, didn’t have time then and now he is probably not reading comments on old post-

    So aside from what i wrote re no Mehadrin true aged cheese in EY, there is opinion if melted will also be more meikel, although if truly a strongly flavored cheese, not sure how melting it would help that aspect of the hard cheese issue…See Yad Yehudah on that seif.

    Re Sodium Saccharin, in 2 places where I am Mashgiach it is fully cooked.
    Re Soup powders, true that the ones with dried vegetables would be Shabbos issue since some of the veg were only dried and never cooked, while others were cooked and then dried, so depends on Machlokes Poskim re the first bishul being mevutal etc Ein Kan Makom L’Haarich…

  • YDL
    May 6, 2012 - 16:36 | Permalink

    i wrote re no Mehadrin true aged cheese in EY

    This is clearly NOT how the eida holds, and I remember hearing that R’ Wozener also holds that one should wait 6 hrs after “yellow cheese” .

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