Chief Rabbinate Update 016/2012

10 Nissan 5772

April 2, 2012

10 Nissan 5772

April 2, 2012

chief-rabbinate-of-israel1Following are excerpts from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrut Enforcement Division’s update 016, dated today.

1. Corned Beef Alert

The following alert pertains to corned beef bearing barcode 2410348 under the name Ma’adanei HaTaleh V’HaEgel. It is marked kosher for Passover. The Kiryat Malachi Rabbinate explains this is in error and in actuality, the item contains mustard which contains wheat as well.

Apparently, a company called Frutarom, under the supervision of the Haifa Rabbinate, sent the company above a mustard seed ingredient marked “Kosher for Pesach” when a test revealed it contained grains of wheat. This too was an error and not an intentional attempt to deceive anyone but the product is now in the marketplace and stamped suitable for Pesach.

Anyone who purchased it should include it in one’s sale of chametz and use it after yomtov.

2. Paprika Alert

Sweet paprika marketed under the brand name Shilat, with a hashgacha of Rabbanut Gezer and Badatz Beit Yosef is marked Kosher for Pesach for those who eat kitniot. The kashrus claim is bogus. The item should be removed from store shelves and it should not be used.

3. Bogus Kashrus Claims on Vodka, Charoset, and More

This alert pertains to the Yakvei Yerushalayim Company located in Meah Shearim. The company sells flavored Arak, under Badatz Beit Yosef; Charoset for Pesach with a Chug Chassam Sofer Bnei Brak hashgacha; and Vodka Sobal with a Badatz Beit Yosef hashgacha. The kosher claims on these products are all bogus.

The Jerusalem Rabbinate adds that it revoked the kosher certification from the company a number of months ago.

4. Soda Machines in Hotels

This alert is directed to kashrut certifiers giving supervision to hotels, which often have soda on tap. Some of these machines do not work solely on air/gas pressure, but there is involvement of electrical circuits and concerns surrounding these machines on Shabbat.

The alert is a reminder for those responsible for giving hashgacha to ensure such machines are not in use on Shabbat or yomim tovim.

5. What Bracha to Make on Pesach?

A reminder to check ingredients of items, even those that are familiar to us since on Pesach, often potato starch may be used as a substitute and one may recite an incorrect bracha as a result.

6. Nora & Aicha Mushroom Products

Nora mushroom products with the barcode 6111030005751 are labeled Kosher for Pesach under the Rabbinate of Morocco. The Chief Rabbinate states the item is unapproved.

This alert is ambiguous and it is unclear if this means the product is in violation for not having the import approval of the rabbinate or perhaps the kashrus claim from the Morocco Rabbinate is bogus.

It also mentions Aicha mushrooms under the supervision of Rabbi David Sabag of New York also displaying an OU-P.

This alert is ambiguous and it is unclear if this means the product is in violation for not having the import approval of the rabbinate or perhaps the kashrus claim from the OU and Rabbi Sabag are bogus.

7. Change the Cake’s Shape

The Chief Rabbinate demands that companies change the shape of cake manufactured for Pesach as an added safety measure for consumers.

It cites the Tabu’ot Bar Company for failure to comply with this demand, making its regular rectangular product which can easily lead to confusion. The Osem and Afikomen Companies are cited as examples of firms that complied.

8. Important Alert to Holiday Travelers

Many people will take advantage of chol hamoed to travel. There are many events and attractions for children and when visiting, one must be vigilant regarding kashrus and Pesach. This is especially true at workshops that permit children to bake matzot on Pesach, something that demands tenacious vigilance and knowledge of the process. Such a workshop will almost certainly lead to the manufacture of chametz.

9. Approved Imported Items for Pesach

Here is a link to the 537 page PDF document listing all items approved for import for Pesach by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

10. Cooking on 7th Day of Yomtov for Shabbat Isru Chag

The Chief Rabbinate reminds us that to cook on the last day of Pesach for Shabbos Isru Chag, one must make Eruv Tavshilin on the eve of the 7th day.

Following is the original document in Hebrew:  016d7a9d7a2d791

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