Kashrus Alert: Grill Burger (Givat Shaul)

Wednesday, 24 Av 5771

August 24, 2011

r-rubin-symbol-hebrew5Badatz Mehadrin (Rabbi Avraham Rubin) announced on August 14, 2011 that the Grill Burger restaurant at 11 Beit HaDfus Street in the Givat Shaul area of Jerusalem is no longer under its supervision.

Unfortunately, the store sign still reads “Badatz Mehadrin” so I remind you that when you enter a store, before ordering, you must check for a valid teudat kashrut.

In this case, making things worse, a number of patrons asked as recently as this week and workers told them the store is still under Badatz Mehadrin. This is simply not true.

Without a valid teudat kashrut, you mustn’t assume there is a hashgacha.

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  • Shy Guy
    September 7, 2011 - 16:17 | Permalink

    FYI, the Givat Shaul Grill Burger closed down shortly thereafter. It is history.

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