Update: Hershey’s Strawberry Syrup in Israel

11 Tammuz 5771
July 13, 2011

hersheys-strawberry-syrup-1On July 12, 2011, JKN published and alert regarding Hershey’s Strawberry Syrup sold in Israel. The following statement is a follow-up to that report, providing new information regarding the kashrut of the product in question.

Following the statement is a link to a PDF document, a copy of the kashrut certification from the OU.

“On July 12, 2011, the OU issued a Kashrus Alert relating to Hershey’s Strawberry Syrup imported to Israel by Mor Yam Marketing, Ltd.  As the official importer of Hershey’s products in Israel, Mor Yam deeply regrets the inadvertent omission of the Dairy designation on the Hebrew label and has recalled existing product from the market so that it can be re-labeled properly as OU-D.

Mor Yam would like to assure the Israeli consumer that this product is indeed certified by the Orthodox Union as OU Dairy even though it does not bear an OU-D symbol on the original label. This particular product, made in the USA, was specially labeled for international sale and Hershey’s made a corporate decision to omit the OU-D symbol. Nevertheless, we received written confirmation from the OU that the product we imported is indeed kosher-certified as OU Dairy (see attached).

Regarding the use of “importer’s stickers”, while we would prefer that manufacturers print an original Hebrew label for all products imported to Israel, this is not usually feasible and, therefore, importers are required to place a sticker on the packaging listing all pertinent information in Hebrew, including the kosher status of the product. At Mor Yam, we try not to cover the kosher symbol on the original label wherever possible, but in this case, there was no kosher symbol to speak of.

As one of Israel’s leading importers of specialty foods and beverages, Mor Yam takes their responsibility to the kosher consumer very seriously and invests significant resources to ensure that everything we import is certified by a recognized kosher agency that adheres to proper kosher standards. In that vein, if any consumer sees this product on store shelves with the erroneous importer’s sticker, please inform the store manger to immediately remove it from the shelf and return it to Mor Yam.”

Link to kashrut certificate from the OU: hersheys-strawberry-syrup-loc


  • David
    July 14, 2011 - 00:20 | Permalink

    Because of the original alert a few days ago, I wrote then to Hersheys to try and find out myself what was going on.

    They have just replied to me confirming (as reported here) that this syrup is OUD.

    They clarify, though, that the syrup does not contain any milk products but shares equipment with a product which contains dairy.

    I have a number of times learned in the past, and also now on good Rabbinic Authority with relation to this specific issue, that the halachot are a lot more lenient when the status of a product is “dairy equipment”.

  • Eli
    July 20, 2011 - 23:04 | Permalink

    This actually happens quite often with a variety of products. Weetabix produced in the UK is another example where the original kosher logo is not on the manufacturer’s packaging but only on the importer’s label. Yet all plain Weetabix produced in the UK factory whether sold in Israel or the UK is covered by the kosher certification even though the symbol is not displayed on the packaging.

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