Summer Warning Regarding Care of Tefillin

10 Tammuz 5771
July 12, 2011

heatSummer creates various challenges pertaining to the care of one’s phylacteries. Summer is a wonderful time we enjoy the warmth of the sun but our tefillin don’t fare well in extreme heat.

This is simple reminder to everyone to be extra careful, especially on very hot days. One should not leave Tefillin in one’s car — not even in one’s trunk of the car or even in the storage area of a motorcycle or bike. Leaving tefillin in the sun or in a location that will become extremely hot may lead to irreparable damage to one’s tefillin.

One should treat one’s tefillin as oneself when it comes to hot temperatures, exhibiting sensitivity. If one has to leave tefillin in the car then one should try to put the tefillin into a cooler chest or a Styrofoam box. This will protect them against the heat. The popular cylindrical holders known more commonly as ‘Tefilonit’, will not provide ample protection against heat in the summer.

Just like one should protect oneself from the sun by using sunscreens protect your tefillin from the sun by guarding them so that they do not overheat.

A little bit of forethought and protection will save a lot of aggravation and possibly a lot of money in the future. Have a wonderful summer.

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