Badatz Eida Chareidit (Juice Bars, Dairy Catering & Kiosks)

2 Iyar 5771
May 6, 2011
eida-chareidit4Following is a list of kiosks, juice bars, dairy catering and dairy restaurants nationwide under the supervision of ‘Badatz Eida Chareidit. The list is a translation of the Eida’s Madrich Kashrus, 61st Edition, published in Nissan 5771.

One must always check for a valid kosher certificate prior to ordering in a restaurant or eatery as changes do occur.
KIOSKS – ‘MIZNONIM’ (Jerusalem)
1. Abagetya (35 Tzefanya Street)
2. Brunch Bagel (Ezer L’Yoledet Street – Geula) (dairy)
3. Brunch Bagel (Rav Shefa Mall – Belz) (dairy)
4. Big Bite (16 Shamgar – Rav Shefa Mall – Belz)
5. Ramot Bakery (Ungvar Center – Ramot)
6. Gerlitz Mann (1 Chana Street)
7. Dan Bagels (12 Chassidei Karlin – Beis Yisrael)
8. Hadar Geula Take Home (13 Malchei Yisrael St – Geula) (parve)
9. Heimishe Bagels (13 Pri Chodosh Street)
10. Taim Pe (15 Chassidei Karlin Street – Beis Yisrael)
11. Yehuda Chai Tuv (15 Meah Shearim Street)
12. Miznon Avraham (8 Yechezkel Street)
13. Miznon Tel Arza (7 Eli HaCohen Street)
14. Ma’adanim L’Bracha (84 Meah Shearim Street) (parve)
15. Makom Blei Shem (Beis Yisrael) (dairy)
16. Pizza Betit (Corner Bar Ilan/Tzefanya Streets)
17. Clinton (11 Yaakov Meir Street) (dairy)
Beit Shemesh
1. Gan Edan (4 Sfas Emmes Street)
2. Ma’adaniyat HaRama (15 Yehuda HaNasi Street)
1. Hamotzei (1 Zvill Street)
1. HaTaboon HaTeimani (7 Harif Street)
2. Magdanit Sheva Deganim (21 HaPalmach Street)
18. Café Deganim (24 Jerusalem Street)

All stores must display a valid teudat kashrut.


JUICE BARS (Jerusalem) (Hechsher covers trumot, ma’asrot & orla)
1. Abagetya (35 Tzefanya Street)
2. Uri (7 Malchei Yisrael Street)
3. Avraham (8 Yechezkel Street)
4. Chai Tuv (17 Meah Shearim Street)
5. Mitzim M’Kol HaLev (7 Achinoam Street)
6. S’idi (5 Malchei Yisrael Street)
7. Ein Yaakov (50 Ein Yaakov Street)
8. Keshet (Ramat HaGolan Street)

All stores must display a valid teudat kashrut.

RESTAURANTS/CATERING (Dairy of Chezkas dairy) (Jerusalem)
1. Shachar (55 Katzenelbogen – Har Nof) (dairy/parve)
2. Brunch Bagel (Ezer L’yaldot – Geula) (dairy)
3. Brunch Bagel (Shefa Mall) (dairy)
4. Menucha V’Simcha (Catering) (dairy/chezkas dairy)
5. Dan Bagels (12 Chassidei Karlin Street – Beit Yisrael) (dairy/chezkas dairy)
6. Angel’s – H Bagel (7 Yechezkel Street) (dairy/chezkas dairy)
7. Heimesh Bagels (6 Ashturei HaParchi Street) (dairy/chezkas dairy)
8. Heimesh Bagels (18 Pri Chodosh Street) (dairy/chezkas dairy)

All stores must display a valid teudat kashrut.


  • David
    May 8, 2011 - 17:22 | Permalink

    In answer to Yechiel’s question to me (privately) that the store is NOT under the hechsher of the Eida, but only claims such.

    Most people think it is under the hechsher of the Eida, because it says so in big letters on top of the entrance way.

    So if someone asks to see a teudat hechsher, they will be shown the ishurim from the factories on the wall.

    Unless one reads JKN, one can easily think that the store is under the hechsher of the Eida.

    Most people would assume that if the badatz prints such an ishur for the factory stores, then they must support the stores’ kashrut!


    YECHIEL: David is correct, unfortunately, but this is the result of the ignorance of shoppers. A kashrus agency, in this case the Eida, cannot be responsible for the actions of store owners who simply do not have a problem duping the kosher consumer.

    It is incumbent upon us to get an education and start making order — putting out the word that those who seek to deceive us will simply not enjoy our patronage! Once such practices no long yield a profit they will cease, for it is motivated by money.

  • David
    May 8, 2011 - 17:49 | Permalink

    To give a bit of context (as my original comment was not published), my remark May 8, 2011 at 17:22 is referring to a particular factory store that sells unsealed products and does not have any teudat hechsher whatsoever (not even standard rabbanut), but does have ishurim printed by the badatz stating that the two factories from where the products come, are under their auspices.

  • David
    May 8, 2011 - 19:33 | Permalink

    But then, maybe the level of actual kashrut maintained in the shop is fine even according to the most stringent of opinions. Thus, local, senior Rabbanim are willing to buy there.

    The only issue is, that they do not have their paper work in order.

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