Badatz Eida Chareidit – (Pizza & Falafel)

5 Iyar 5771
May 9, 2011 
eida-chareidit4Following is a list of pizza and falafel shops nationwide under the supervision of ‘Badatz Eida Chareidit. The list is a translation of the Eida’s Madrich Kashrus, 61st Edition, published in Nissan 5771. (final of the Eida lists)

One must always check for a valid kosher certificate prior to ordering in a restaurant or eatery as changes do occur.

I have inserted the ‘meat’, ‘dairy’ and ‘parve’ designations with the exception of pizza shops.

PIZZA SHOPS (Jerusalem)
1. Ofir Best (2 Zichron Yaakov St – Romeima)
2. Ofir Best (3 HaTzag – Ramot 6)
3. Uri (1 Beit Yisrael)
4. Uri (12 Malchei Yisrael – Geula)
5. Amnon (12 Malchei Yisrael – Geula)
6. Express (72 Tzefanya Street)
7. Beit HaMa’afei Ramot (Ungvar Center – Ramot)
8. Ben Yaakov (9 Yechezkel Street)
9. Ben Yaakov Pizza & Ice Cream (66 Shmuel HaNavi Street)
10. HaDekalim (12 Reiness Street – Kiryat Moshe)
11. Gan Eden (N’vei Yaakov)
12. Jerusalem (21 Beit Yisrael Street)
13. Dan Bagels (12 Chassidei Karlin Street)
14. Delicates (58 Yirmiyahu Street)
15. Heimesh (16 Shaare Pina Street)
16. HaMerkaz (1 Alkabetz Street – Givat Shaul)
17. HaReches  (6 Chazon Ish Street – Ramat Shlomo)
18. HaReches (30 Ramat Shlomo Street – Ramat Shlomo)
19. Zichron Moshe (18 Pri Chodosh Street)
20. Ya’aleh (16 Shamgar Street – Beit Yisrael)
21. Meah Shearim (45 David Yellin Street)
22. Mazon Mahir HaShikma (60 Kanfei Nesharim – Rami Levi complex)
23. Makor HaToast V’HaPizza (33 Yosef Ben Matityahu Street)
24. Manhattan Pizza (1 Zichron Yaakov Street)
25. Yisraeli Pizza (42 Chazon Ish Street – Ramat Shomo)
26. Pizza Beitit (1 Amos Street)
27. Pizza Beitit (15 Bar Ilan Street)
28. Ben David Pizza & Falafel (17 Yechezkel Street)
29. Phyllis (2 Birkat Avraham – Ramat Shlomo)
30. Family (42 Bayit Vegan Street)
31. Clinton (11 Yaakov Meir Street)
32. Shai (HaAmalim)
33. Sharon (Kiryat Ungvar)
Beit Shemesh
1. Ya’aleh (48 Nachal Kishon)
2. Jerusalem (10 Nachal Maor)
3. Chetzi Machir (17 Chazon Ish Street)
4. Pizza Land (4 Nachal Katlev Street)
5. Pizza Fun (10 Nachal Revivim Street)
1. Phili Pizza – B’Teiavon (17 Rabbi Akiva Street)
2. Pizza B (20 HaRan Street)
3. Shikma (2 HaChozeh M’Lublin Street)
4. Shai (11 Elazar HaModai Street)
5. Tim’s Pizza (7 Elazar HaModai Street)
1. Pizza Tzfat (4 Bar Yochai Street)

  • All stores must display a valid teudat kashrut.
  • The hecsher DOES NOT apply to deliveries.

1. Itamar (Yosef Ben Matityahu Street)
2. Beit Yisrael (Beit Yisrael)
3. Ben Yaakov (66 Shmuel HaNavi Street) (chezkas chalavi/dairy)
4. Ben Yaakov (9 Yechezkel Street)
5. Binyamin Rachmanoff (18 Ein Yaakov Street)
6. Ben Shalom (15 Bar Ilan Street)
7. Big Bite Rav Shefa (16 Shamgar Street) (chezkas chalavi/dairy)
8. Gan Eden (6 Zivin Street)
9. Delicious (1 Gesher HaChaim Street)
10. HaMerkaz (1 Alkabetz Street) (chezkas chalavi/dairy)
11. HaReches (32 Chazon Ish Street – Ramat Shlomo) (chezkas chalavi/dairy)
12. HaShalom (12 Malchei Yisrael Street – Geula)
13. HaTeimani (Mosioff)
14. Taim Pe (15 Chassidei Karlin)
15. Yisraeli (42 Chazon Ish – Ramat Shlomo) (chezkas chalavi/dairy)
16. Mazon HaShikma (60 Kanfei Nesharim – Rami Levi Complex – Givat Shaul)
17. Gerlitz Mann (1 Chana Street)
18. Miznon Ruchama (39 David Yellin Street)
19. Miznon Tel Arza (7 Eli HaCohen Street)
20. Miro (10 Zonnenfeld – Beit Yisrael)
21. Merkaz HaFalafel (97 Shmuel HaNavi Street)
22. Nachmani (4 Meyuchas Street – Machane Yehuda area)
23. Nasich HaFalafel (1 Sderot Golda Meir)
24. Uzi (10 Yeshayahu Street)
25. Pizza Beitit (1 Amos Street – Geula)
26. Ben David Pizza & Falafel (17 Yechezkel Street)
27. Romeima (85 Yirmiyahu Street)
28. Shlomo Amar (5 Malchei Yisrael Street- Geula)
29. Sharon (Kiryat Ungvar – Ramot) (chezkas chalavi/dairy)
1. Nachum (1 HaRif street)
2. HaTaboon HaTeimani (7 HaRif)
Beit Shemesh
1. Bar Shalom (1 Rivil Street)
2. Naki (10 Nachal Maor Street)
3. Pinat HaSova (48 HaKishon Street – RBS A)
1. Avdar (7 Elazar HaModai) (chezkas chalavi/dairy)
2. Ma’adanei HaChef Falafel (19 Mezritch Street)
1. Bagdad Kol Tov Falafel (19 Nasi Yisrael Blvd)

  • All stores must display a valid teudat kashrut.
  • The hecsher DOES NOT apply to deliveries.
  • If a falafel store sells pizza, all items, including the falafel are chezkas chalavi/dairy.

  • tmz
    May 9, 2011 - 17:10 | Permalink

    What does that mean The hecsher DOES NOT apply to deliveries. ?!
    Does this mean the Eidah doesnt stand behind the delivery of any establishment? I dont get it?

    YECHIEL: It simply means that deliveries usually do not comply Halacha as far as properly sealing items in compliance with Shulchan Aruch. Therefore, the hechsher announces if you receive a pizza pie from an Eida store, the hechsher ended when the pie left the premises because the boxes are not sealed as Halacha demands. This is Halacha not an Eida chumra.

    It goes like this – חבית חמפג. Chatichas dag (fish), basar (meat), yayin (wine) and tekhelet, when entrusted to non-Jews (and for this purpose includes anyone who is not makpid on kashrus, or in the case of tekhelet, on tekhelet) need two chotamot or simanim.

    ‘Champag’ = cholov, mureiss (fish juice),pas (bread), gevian need one chotam or siman

  • Yakov
    May 10, 2011 - 08:16 | Permalink

    Since the multitudes probably don’t know this, why don’t they institute a proper seal? Moreover how can they give a hechsher to a store that is acting against halacha and causing others to stumble?

  • Yakov
    May 10, 2011 - 08:37 | Permalink

    A few corrections:

    Pizza in Jerusalem #12. Jerusalem (21 Beit Yisrael Street)
    Should be ‘Jerusalem 2 (1 Beit Yisrael Street)’ and that was their old address, they moved a few months ago to Zonnenfeld Street, I’m not sure what number.

    Pizza in Jerusalem #20. Ya’aleh (16 Shamgar Street – Beit Yisrael)
    This address is not in Beit Yisrael, it’s in the Rav Shefa complex. They actually used to have a branch in Beit Yisrael, but it closed down more than a year ago.

    Falafel in Jerusalem #14. Taim Pe (15 Chassidei Karlin)
    As of more than a year ago this store is no longer a falafel shop. It also changed its name to ‘Jerusalem Bagels’, although it is still displaying the old sign.

  • Simon
    May 11, 2011 - 17:58 | Permalink

    To give a proper seal would require the store to have a supply of stickers or something, which could easily be mis-appriated, unless a mashgiach is present all the time. Unless maybe the stickers had the name of both the store and the heschsher, so the storekeepers would guard them anyway.

  • AMM
    May 11, 2011 - 23:50 | Permalink

    There is a special tape to seal boxes. This tape when tampered with leaves behind in clear print “this box has been tampered with” it should serve as a siman.

  • David
    May 15, 2011 - 10:26 | Permalink

    To AMM:-
    Are you saying that they actually use this special tape. Then why cannot they take responsibility? If they do not, then why not?

    Normal (i.e. standard Rabbanut) hashgachot do things (hopefully) in a correct way but might not necessarily be the most stringent.

    Would expect Badatz Eida Chareidit, being who they are, not to make short cuts in halacha yet they let their stores (and factories) do deliveries and have the customers receive products without a hechsher. (As Yakov stated above and also see my remarks last week at:

  • AMM
    May 15, 2011 - 18:35 | Permalink

    I am suggesting using it.

  • David
    May 15, 2011 - 19:42 | Permalink

    In that case, I am sure it will solve for them the issue of home deliveries. They would need to rewrite their disclaimer to something like:-
    “The hechsher only applies to deliveries if the seal is intact”.

    It still does not solve the issue of deliveries to factory shops where products are weighed on the premises and repacked for the customer.

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