Update from Badatz Beit Yosef

23 Nissan 5771
April 27, 2011

beit-yosef-entrance-seal1The following are now under the hechsher of Badatz Beit Yosef
1. Coffee Shop Mehadrin (dairy/fish) 216 Jaffa Street (Shar Ha’ir Building) 050-205-7528.
2. Gabriel Restaurant (Meat) 7 Shimon Ben-Shetach Street, Jerusalem – 02-624-6261.

The following are no longer under the badatz hechsher
1. Shabtai Cordova the Fisherman’s Restaurant – 9 Hurkonus St, Jerusalem (out of business)
2. Biscoti Bakery – 67 HaYarkon, Bnei Brak**.
3. Café B’N’vei – N’vei Yaakov shopping center, Jerusalem.
4. Hello Teiman Shwarma – Holon.

**According to Rabbi Yigal Ben-Ezra, the national supervisor of the badatz, despite reports in the chareidi media, the bakery did not begin baking bread before the end of Pesach, adding the bakery primarily produces desserts, not breads. As the investigation continues it appears owners were indeed inside the store before the termination of the yomtov, but films of the work area seem to prove baking did not take place. Nevertheless, until a conclusive investigation can be concluded, the bakery’s hechsher has been suspended, impacting some 15 stores that use the product of the bakery in question. If the badatz learns that the Pesach sale of chametz was violated as alleged, the suspension may become a permanent removal of the hechsher. A decision is expected in the coming days.

I only provide an explanation regarding the cessation of the certification when I am provided with the information. At times, a store may opt to change hechsherim, a store may go out of businesses, or a hechsher may have been revoked.

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