Painting and Mezuzah Healthcare

Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5771
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

painting-renovations-photoThe time between Purim and Pesach is a busy one, when we are occupied with yomtov preparations. Among those preparations are cleaning and painting, both possibly resulting in a mezuzah nightmare. 

When cleaning and washing windows and door frames water is often poured and sprayed in copious amounts. Sometimes, the water comes from the neighbors. Many a mezuzah cover thought to be waterproof, such as aluminum those with plastic stoppers, do leak and are really not water proof or at times even water resistant. Such a case may not offer protection from soap, cleaners and solvents that can damage the parchments.

When painting, it is advised to remove mezuzos to protect them.  Paint is known to damage covers and it may also penetrate and cause damage to the parchment. A cover which is sealed by paint will require being cut open in order to check the parchment at a later date. Cutting open a cover can cause damage to the parchment.

Silver polish and cleaners will damage the parchment. Therefore, one should carefully remove the parchment from the cover before polishing a silver cover.

Pre-Pesach is a time for cleaning and painting it is also the best time to have your parchments examined by a certified examiner. The best way to protect your scrolls when painting, cleaning door frames or when polishing mezuzah covers is to use the opportunity to time to examine your mezuzos.

– Have a Pesach kosher v’samayach staring with Kosher mezuzos.

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