How to Take Mezuzos Down for Examination

23 Nissan 5771
April 27, 2011

mezuza-in-caseWhile this question appears simple, in actuality, there are a number of affiliated issues that should be addressed. Below I touch on a few of the issues at hand in a question and answer format without going into the details of the halachic discourse behind the answers provided. (For that you will have to purchase my book when available)

Can I remove all the mezuzos to check them all at one time and leave the house without any mezuzos?  
One may remove all one’s mezuzos at the same time for checking if the mezuzos will be checked and returned on the same day. There are those who remove three mezuzos at a time for inspection while others will leave one single mezuzah on the front door and after the remainder are checked and returned to their place, will then inspect the final one from the front door.

 I need to get mezuzos from a “mezuzah gemach” during the period of time the mezuzos are off the door being checked?
If the mezuzos will be checked and returned on the same day one is not required seek out temporary replacement mezuzos.

Do the mezuzos have return each mezuzah to its original location?
One should be careful to return each parchment in its’ original location.

How do I mark a mezuzah so if the sofer has comments he will be able to note them?
One should mark the location on each parchment in order to return them in its place. The best way of marking them is to place each individual mezuzah parchment into an envelope and write on the envelope the necessary information so that you will know where the mezuzah came from. This will also be helpful sofer the examiner as he will be able to write on the envelope any comments such as water damaged – required repairs – fading or cracking ink – level of kashrus etc.  Placing stickers or taping small notes on the mezuzah covers or mezuzah wrapping is not advised as the examiner must remove wrapping and cover to examine the parchment and there it is more difficult to monitor, in addition to lacking a place for the sofer to mark down comments where applicable. One should not write on the mezuzah even a number or a letter.  

How long do I have to check them and put them back up?
One should put back mezuzos on the same day that they are removed for examination. The mezuzos should be removed in the morning and not the night before. They should be taken to the examiner – checked and rewrapped in wax paper by the examiner (cling wrap plastic can actually damage the parchment). The mezuzos should be returned to their location the same day which in the evening hours. 

Will I need to say a new Bracha when I put them back up?
One does not need to recite a bracha is one returns the mezuzos one the same day they were removed.
If however, the examiner unfortunately finds that a mezuzah has a question in Halacha or if it is found to be invalid and a new replacement parchment is required — the new mezuzah may require a bracha. In such a case, one should consult with a rabbi who is an expert in the halachot of mezuzah placement, in order to determine if one is required or permitted to recite a bracha on the new parchment. 

Can I put mezuzos up at night?
One is permitted to put up a mezuzah day or night. At night one should be extra careful not to make noise so that he does not disturb others.

Can a woman put a mezuzah or must it be a “man of the house” or home owner? 
The mitzvah of mezuzah belongs to the person or people residing in the home.  While it is preferable that the man of the house put up the mezuzah, anyone residing in the home can put up the mezuzos including women. The owner of the home is not required put up the mezuzos as he is not responsible to mezuzos. A woman does not need to ask a male to put up the mezuzos. 

It is advisable to consult with a Rabbi who is an expert in the halachot of mezuzah placement in order to determine if one is required to have a parchment and its location?
Not every Rabbi or sofer is an expert in the halachot of location of mezuzos how they should be put up.

If one has a mezuzah question concerning the location of mezuzos, it is suggested that a digital photo be taken from a few angles so that the Rabbi can actually see what you are referring to and if a bracha is required.

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  • Shmuel
    April 27, 2011 - 16:42 | Permalink

    A person does not have to show the mezuzah parchments to a sofer, if they were properly checked at the time of purchase. A person only has to show a parchment if he sees visible signs of damage, such as from water or sun. Ask your posek, of course, but that is what he will tell you.

  • Uri
    April 27, 2011 - 21:54 | Permalink

    Shmuel, So where does the requirement to check mezuzos 2ce every 7 years come from ?

  • May 4, 2011 - 17:46 | Permalink

    The requirement to examine mezuzoth twice every seven years is directly out of Shulhan Aruch

  • May 4, 2011 - 18:24 | Permalink

    An individual who is not trained to examine check and repair will not be able to pick up on fine problems which develop such as fading or grey which actually can invalidate the mezuzah === In a proper examination the examiner can and should make preventative maintenance repairs which will extend the longevity of the mezuzah
    Another point is a true examiner should roll them up with out causing damage in the process to the scroll as well as wrapping it up in wax paper to protect it and not plastic wraps

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