Chicken Shechitah – Understanding Today’s Realities

24 Nissan 5771
April 28, 2011

chicken-animated2Different from N. America of 30 years ago where I grew up, in Eretz Yisrael it appears Observant Jews are more aware of matters pertaining to kashrus, including the different hechsherim/ shechitahs pertaining to poultry.

While I do not and am not about to promote any particular shechitah, I feel that in many cases we reach a decision based on community pressure or other contributory factors unrelated to the actual shechitah itself. I receive a growing number of inquiries from readers seeking to learn which shechitah and why, realizing little information is available, yet in shul, we proudly announce which shechitah we do and do not use, a hot topic on many a shabbos after [or during] davening.

 Towards lifting the fog that surrounds poultry shechitah in Israel, JKN has developed a one-hour PowerPoint multimedia presentation intended to assist adults in understanding the shechitah realities, which will undoubtedly assist in realizing some of the marketplace realities, such as;
i. Why are Rabbanut mehadrin chickens less expensive than ‘badatzim’?
ii. How many chickens are slaughtered a minute? What does it matter?
iii. Why are the backs of ‘badatz’ chickens slit open?
iv. Do mashgichim observe when chickens are given injections?
v. Why are the drumsticks often slit open but at times, they are not?
vi. Why are some shechitahs satisfied with external palpation of the tzomet hagiddin but other must cut?
vii. Why all the fuss about tzomet hagiddin and what is it anyway? Is this an Israeli chumrah?
viii. What does Israeli law say regarding the use of the ‘mehadrin’ label?
ix. What is the label with date and time stamps on the chicken livers about?
x. Is the extra cost of badatz chickens justified or is this a chumra or a chareidi thing?
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