Public Service Message – Organic Spelt & Oat Matzos

23 Adar II 5771
March 29, 2011
spelt-matzah-2With a growing demand in the local Israeli marketplace non-standard matzos for Pesach, JKN has learned of a special run of just this very product, available locally for those who are interested. If you are seeking organic spelt or gluten free oat matzos, you may telephone 077-901-5645 for pricing information and to place an order.

The gluten free oat matzo  and spelt matzo are both 18-minute (machine Shmurah from time of harvest) and both carry the Kof-K as well as the supervision of Rabbi Ephraim Rothschild Shlita, of Kiryat Sefer and Rabbi Shmuel Meir Katz Shlita, of Lakewood for this special run.

Rabbi Katz manages the ketzirah (wheat harvest) in the USA and was also present here in Israel for the baking. (See accompanying photos for a look at the product’s packaging as well as the GF certification of the matzos advertising as gluten-free being certified as such by the Gluten Free Certification Organization. This is the result of numerous inspections, in the form of flour, before baking in the bakery and once again during the baking, and finally in US laboratories).

One of the reasons I decided to advertise this is after learning that while many made the assumption that all gluten free shmurah matzos are “18-minute”, this simply is not so and they have not been advertised as such in the past, but it was an assumption made by many consumers. Production at times continued for hours without interruption. This is not the case with these special runs carrying the labels visible in the accompanying photos. 

Once again, this is being promoted as a public service in light of the growing number of requests I receive for such products, and JKN does not receive any payment or have any interest in the products mentioned, which I do hope will alleviate concerns among the many who rely on them to fulfill the mitzvah.





Click on hyperlink to view the – gluten-free-certificate


  • Yudel shain
    March 29, 2011 - 16:08 | Permalink

    All machine matzos are a big problem for Pesach, see the teshuvah from Rav Shteif zatzal.

    Rav Shteif made machine “viener matzos”, but they did not use the oven being used today the “cracker oven”. See:

    Oat have a bitterness, in order to remove it you MUST “steam’ the oats which is very problomatic for Pesach. When we asked these questions, no one was willing to respond frankly, truthfully, etc.

    We asked the Lakewood Matzo bakery and they said they use it right after cutting so it doesn’t have the bitterness. Right after (according to industry experts) is within 3 days of cutting. The cold facts are-it’s cut in the summer and used 6 months later, so without steaming it will be bitter.

    We also had someone write to Rav Osher Westheim re: above issue, he received NO RESPONSE.


    So we are also surprised that JKN decided to publicize theese Matzos.

  • Yehoshua P.
    March 30, 2011 - 00:38 | Permalink

    In response to Yudel Shain: No oat matzoh is steamed. Oats by nature have bitter enzymes which are normally extracted through steam. The reason why oat matzos often have a bitterness to them is for this reason. Kestenbaum matzos do not steam their oats. They used to use some form of heat process to the kernels to remove the bitterness, but they stopped doing it this year. I do not beleive their heating of the kernels presented any shaila of chometz, rather, the shaila would be if the flour cannot be machmitz after the process then there would be a problem being yotzeh achilas matzoh with flour that can’t be machmitz. Lakewood matzos don’t do anything to their grains. It is possible that what they meant was minimizing the time from the grinding to the baking, not harvesting to baking. After all, being that their matzos were baked only two weeks ago, had the cutting taken place just prior to this, there would be a chodosh issue with their matzos. Lakewood matzos are yoshon!

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