Marking a question or problem on a Sefer Torah

17 Adar II 5771
March 23, 2011

sefer-torahThe best and easiest way to mark a question or problem in a Sefer Torah is by using a simple paper clip. Using a paper clip to mark any questions in kashrus you may have found in your Sefer Torah may be done on Shabbos and Yomtov.

How to mark the question:  Position the paper clip at the top of the Sefer and if possible one also at the bottom so that it lines up with the letter in question. By lining it up vertically the certified examiner can easily look down the part of a column which the clips mark until he locates the letter or word in question. This limits the problem of locating any issue with the Sefer at a later date. It will save time for everyone involved in repairing the Sefer Torah as well as prevent mistaken usage of the Sefer as the paper clips can be easily noted.
It is always recommended that if one has an issue with a Sefer Torah that it be repaired as soon as possible by a trained certified examiner. These repairs are not exclusive to a pasul but include fading letters and kosher letters which require or should have some touch ups.

It also includes repair of the stitching of the gid and affixing the small pieces of parchment which are glued onto the Sefer over the stitching to strengthen and protect the Sefer from damage. 

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  • Chaim
    March 23, 2011 - 18:21 | Permalink

    It may be added, that the established custom in Ashkenazi communities, is that in the event a Torah scroll is found to be of questionable status, then the “gartel” (strap which binds the Torah scroll) is placed over the “mantel” covering of the Torah.

    This system is a universal alert that the Torah scroll has a question which needs to be resolved before it can be put back in use.

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