Care of a Megilas Esther (Part 1)

17 Adar II 5771
March 23, 2011

megilahThe pullout cases can and do damage the megilah parchment, both when the megilah is pulled out and again when rolled backed into the cover. Damage may occur due to the rubbing of the parchment and the cover. This can affect both the writing and the stitching of the parchment.

Be extra care if you already have such a side pull out cover, even if the opening appears to be rather large.

In general, one may use paperclips to mark any questions in kashrus one may have found in one’s megilah. Position the clip so that the examiner can easily look down that part of a column which the clip marks.

If one does find a problem with one’s megilah, one should bring it into the examiner to repair as soon as possible and not wait to have it repaired until the week before next Purim.

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