Be An Empowered Kosher Consumer

3 Adar II 5771
March 9, 2011

multiple-agencies4While the website has been dormant for a period of time, I am continuing my activities and quite honestly, it is not sufficient to write or call me asking about eating in one place or another, but you, as a kosher consumer, must begin exercising your right and power to effect change.  As an observant Jew, this is a responsibility, and turning a blind eye for one reason or another simply does not do it. “Everyone eats there” does not constitute a teudat kashrut!

Let’s begin with the basics – please, stop eating in any restaurant, pizza shop and falafel store that does not display a valid teudat hechsher! No excuses and no explanations. If you politely enter a store, let’s say Amnon Pizza in Geula and explain, politely, that you can no longer eat in the store since he does not have a hechsher. I am confident  the owner will eventually get the message and reach whatever agreement necessary with the Eida Chareidit or another kashrut organization.

It does not matter if a store is located in a chareidi or any other neighborhood, and the many stores in Geula without hechsherim are simply stores without kashrus certification, the same as anywhere else. Yes, an owner may be shomer shabbos and you may decide to trust him/her, but this is not a hechsher. It is not complicated.

We cannot blame others for if consumers continue closing their eyes for the sake of convenience the situation will not change. It is a matter of simple business. A teudah brings in clients but if clients exhibit apathy, then why bother spending for kosher supervision.

In the case of the above-mentioned store, which appeared on the website recently, there are teudot but none for the pizza section of the store. One covers the produce section in the rear, and strangely, another for the adjoining falafel store. This is unacceptable.

The same hold true for any store and any kosher agency. All of the kashrus certifiers are making money, and they are not doing a chessed. They are making a living, which they are entitled to, but only if they continue doing their job and exhibiting a valid kosher license, signaling to consumers the store in question is at a specific standard.

Stop paying top dollar for mehadrin food when there is no mehadrin hechsher. Time to wake up folks!

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