Chodosh Updates

20 Adar I 5771
February 24, 2011

On Dec 21 we announced that we had received a p’sak from HaRav Elyashiv that stated that wheat bran and oat bran have no problem of Chodosh, even if they come from Chodosh grain.

It turns out that the p’sak was based on the incorrect assumption that such bran today is basically produced for animal food. When it was explained to HaRav Elyashiv that such bran is very commonly used for human food, he stated that bran coming from Chodosh grain should be treated as Chodosh.

Therefore, where oat bran is listed as an ingredient, the usual packing cutoff date of Jul 26 should be used and for wheat bran Aug 9, as has been used in the past in the Guide.
Wheat starch is used in many products such as cereals and cookies. It can be made from either winter wheat (Yoshon) or spring wheat that may be Chodosh.

In some cases in the past the wheat starch in some products had been overlooked when declaring a product as being Yoshon. For example, many Kemach cereals where listed as Yoshon, at least until the malt becomes a problem, when the primary wheat ingredient was known to be from winter wheat.

It is now realized that some of these do contain wheat starch that may be Chodosh. Thus the effective Chodosh packing date has to be moved back from the malt date (Dec 15 or later) to Aug 9, the possible Chodosh date for general spring wheat products.

Please check the list of ingredients of all products that you had assumed to be Yoshon. If they contain wheat starch then further investigation is needed. Of course, all products produced in Israel should still be assumed to be Yoshon, even if they do include wheat starch. (See late breaking news about wheat starch in General Mills cereals below under Section 8.1)

As this issue of the Guide was going to print, we were informed of the following by the OU: All wheat starch used in General Mills cereals becomes Chodosh only after the packing date of Nov 1 ’10.

In addition, the oats in regular Cheerios also becomes Chodosh after the packing date of Nov 1.

We are still awaiting word about the Chodosh date for oats in other Cheerios (such as Honey Nut, etc.) The table and other text in this Guide has not been updated to reflect this new development.

Section 14 Israel
Rumors surface periodically that the OU somehow sees to it that cereals in general and General Mills/Nestle cereals in particular that are sold in Israel should be Yoshon. Here is an official OU statement on that issue:
1. The OU does not supervise the storage of Nestle cereals to assure its yoshon status.
2. One should not assume that the OU takes responsibility for the yoshon status of cereals sold in Israel.
3. If the OU appears on a General Mills/Nestle cereal in Israel then it was manufactured and packed in the United States. Therefore, the same code used in the US would apply to those cereals exported to Israel (from the US).
 Information provided by: Guide to Chodosh – Y. Herman – Chodosh telephone Hotline 718-305-5133, email

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  • Yankie
    February 24, 2011 - 11:25 | Permalink

    I’m glad you corrected your earlier post which stated that all products imported by Osem are Yoshon! As the OU has clearly said many times, there is no one supervising the Yoshon status of OU products sold in Israel.

    YECHIEL ADDS: I simply stated, and stand by the statement, that the rav hamachshir of Osem, Rabbi Yaakov Charlop, told me that no imports with an Osem label are chodosh ( ).

    I think you may agree that even without OU supervision, there are other agencies and mashgichim and Osem is large enough to do its own investigating.

    That said, if the rav’s statement is troubling, I would suggest speaking with Rabbi Charlop himself.

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