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Shatnez Alert: Polyester Boy’s Suit

20 Adar I 5771 February 24, 2011 The “Pier Boys” boy’s suit contents label listed 67% Polyester, 33% Viscose. However wool and linen were found in their inner components. These suits were manufactured in Turkey for a Jewish company in Eretz Yisroel and were sold worldwide from Fall ’09 through Winter ‘11.

Chodosh Updates

20 Adar I 5771 February 24, 2011 HARAV HAGAON ELYASHIV SHLITA RETRACTS P’SAK ON BRAN On Dec 21 we announced that we had received a p’sak from HaRav Elyashiv that stated that wheat bran and oat bran have no problem of Chodosh, even if they come from Chodosh grain. It turns out that the p’sak read more »

Final Shovavim Lecture Draws Largest Crowd

18 Adar I 5771 February 22, 2010 If anyone thought the tzibur in Ramat Beit Shemesh was tiring of the weekly kashrus lectures, last night proved this hypothesis incorrect as the lecture given by Rabbi Mordechai Kuber drew the largest crowd of the 10-week series. Rabbi Kuber explained the conceptual side of kashrus as well read more »

Burying the Shameful Blight of Forged Kosher Certificates

18 Adar I 5771 February 22, 2010 I was introduced to Rabbi Meir Rabi sometime ago, becoming first acquainted on the phone and recently had the opportunity of spending some time with him whilst Rabbi Rabi was visiting Eretz Yisrael to celebrate the bris of the bechor of his bechor. We are working together towards read more »

Kashrut Alert: Gefen Sardines

16 Adar I 5771 February 20, 2011 I have not yet published the kashrus alert which is circulating around N. America pertaining to Gefen sardines until I realized that the product is sold in stores in Israel as well. Many alerts have been issued, including by the certifying agencies, the OU and Volover Rebbe.

Monday Night Kashrus Lecture at BTYA

16 Adar I 5771 February 20, 2011 Tomorrow, 17 Adar I (21 February), the last kashrus lecture of this year’s series will be held in Ramat Beit Shemesh’s Kehilas Beis Tefillah Yona Avraham, hosting veteran kashrus expect Rabbi Mordechai Kuber. The series is a joint project of the kehila and JKN. Unlike the lectures in read more »

Shatnez: Russian Fur Hat [2]

16 Adar I 5771 February 20, 2011 A Russian fur hat was brought to R’ Yaakov Bilus (Scranton Shatnez Laboratory) for testing. R’ Yaakov immediately saw a lambskin on the outside. When he opened the inside, hat and looked he found linen. Question: If lambskin and linen are stitched together is that kilayim?

Update on Trident Chewing Gum

16 Adar I 5771 February 20, 2011 Earlier this month, JKN quoted an alert circulating in the secular and chareidi media in Israel regarding Trident chewing gum bearing a hechsher from the Triangle-K, Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag. I have succeeded in contacting Rabbi Ralbag in order to obtain firsthand credible information pertaining to the gum as the read more »

Shatnez Alert: Brooks Brothers Boy’s Suit

14 Adar I 5771 February 18, 2011 A consumer brought two 100% wool Brooks Brothers (Mexico) boy’s suits to the Edmonton Shatnez Laboratory. The customer wondered whether it was necessary to leave both suits for checking because they were identical in brand name and size and were purchased in the same store.

New Eida Fruit & Vegetable Vendor in Machane Yehuda

14 Adar I 5771 February 18, 2011 There is a new and very large fruit & vegetable vendor in Machane Yehuda, in the ‘Iraqi Shuk’ to be a bit more accurate. The store, Ega Brothers, is under the hechsher of Badatz Eida Chareidit, making it only the second fruit and vegetable vendor with an Eida read more »