KWL: CORRECTION – Lindt Chocolate

14 Shevat 5771
January 19, 2011

lindt-plain-dark-chocolateYesterday, the release pertaining to Lindt plain dark chocolate (parve) approved by the KLBD agency erroneously stated “chocolate liquor”.

The London Beit Din approval refers only to “plain dark chocolate” produced by the Lindt Company and has no connection to any liquor product.

This is confirmed on the KWL (Kosher Whiskey & Liquor) website run by Rabbi Shmuel Semelman, a member of the Jerusalem Rabbinate team and a known authority on kashrus of whiskey and liquor. (

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  • Avi
    January 20, 2011 - 03:23 | Permalink

    Chocolate liquor is an ingredient in all dark / milk (non-white) chocolate. It refers to ground roasted cacao beans and has nothing to do with alcohol.

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