Update from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel

19 Tevet 5771
December 26, 2010

chief-rabbinate-of-israel1The following kashrus alerts appeared in update number 008, released by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrus Enforcement Division on 16 Tevet 5771 (23 December 2010).

1. Oil sold under the label “Nur” claims to be under the supervision of Badatz Eida Chareidit. In actuality, the oil does not have a hechsher from any badatz or the Rabbinate.

2. The Taboon Bakery located in Givat Trumpeldor in Nahariya continues to advertise itself as kosher with kashrus supervision from the local rabbinate. Rabbinate officials report this claim is baseless and the bakery is not certified kosher.

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