2nd Shovavim Lecture in Ramat Beit Shemesh

19 Tevet 5771
December 26, 2010

BTYAThe second of eight Monday night lectures in Ramat Beit Shemesh’s Beis Tefillah Yona Avraham  is set for Monday night, beginning immediately after Maariv, which takes place at 20:00. The series is the result of another combined effort between the shul and Jerusalem Kosher News.

This week’s guest speaker is Rabbi Tsvi Rogin, a former av beis din and rosh yeshiva, who will speak on ‘Chotomot & Simanim’. The lectures are in English and the weekly event is open to men and women (with a mechitza).

The lecture will address many practical halachic issues, including;
1. How should meat be packaged for sale in a non frum environment?
2. How should meat be packaged for delivery by a non frum delivery person?
3. Under what circumstances can one leave a non Jewish or non frum maid or babysitter in the house and under which not?
4. What about packaging on fish and other items which are mass produced?
5. How to buy fish?
6. Which foods need chotamot?
7. What to do when traveling (e.g. you are on the airplane, have opened your food and want to go to the bathroom)?
Last week’s lecture entitled “What does halacha demand of restaurants?” given by Rabbi Yissacher Dov Krakowski, Rav Hamachshir OU-Israel, may be heard on the shul’s website.

Following is the schedule for the upcoming weeks.



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