Progress Regarding Expired & Fraudulent Kashrus Claims

2 Rosh Chodesh Kislev
1 Kislev 5771
November 8, 2010
chief-rabbinate-of-israel1I have been in contact with Rabbi Rafi Yochai and his Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Enforcement Division is acting on a number of matters in the capital, including Melech HaPargit near the central bus station, Nissim’s Café near Machane Yehuda, which claims “kosher badatz” but lacks a hechsher from any agency, and other Jerusalem businesses that prey on innocent kosher consumers.

I continue to urge subscribers who witness unsubstantiated kashrus claims, such as stores signs stating ‘mehadrin’ or ‘kosher’ but lacking a legitimate kashrut certificate to photograph the store sign certificates or other pertinent documentation and email to me so we can continue working towards improving kashrut in the Holy Capital.


  • molly ratner
    November 8, 2010 - 16:40 | Permalink

    There are a few food establishments in Petach Tikva which state “MEHADRIN” on their awnings but have only regular kashrus certificates—-

    Thank u for making me aware of the issue.

    We’re back in NY now until Purim /Pesach so I can’t send u photos

  • Israel
    November 15, 2010 - 17:48 | Permalink

    Given that in Jerusalem anyway you have to have at least a stam rabbanut hechsher before you can get a mehadrin hechsher on top of it, doesn’t that imply that the rabbanut should be sending mashgichim to many restaurants posting fraudulent or invalid hechsherim in the process of doing whatever hashgacha they are doing?

    The rabbanut itself provides a list of fraudulent/invalid hechsherim…so why is it that they continue to allow the establishments they certify to display fraudulent or invalid hechsherim? Shouldn’t the rabbanut policy be to force establishments they certify not to display misleading kashrus information and furthermore to revoke rabbanut certification if the owners continue to display these invalid certificates? It seems to me the rabbanut is participating in deceiving the public and could easily do the right thing in these instances.

    Of course this does not help with restaurants that are so unscrupulous (and we see at least one example uncovered by this site) that just have a false “mehadrin” certificate with no rabbanut hechsher at all. That should be an immediate tip-off that something is very wrong. But if the rabbanut would do their part and force take downs of invalid hechsherim and refuse to continue certifying establishments that post invalid hechsherim, that would be a very good start toward exposing these treyf-sellingcriminals for what they are. As it is and from my understanding of the situation, I think the rabbanut is acting very irresponsibly.

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