Nisan’s Café – Jerusalem

2 Cheshvan 5771
October 10, 2010
nisans-cafe-jafe-st-by-the-shuk3Finally, the bogus document that mislead many people into believing this store is under the supervision of the Badatz Eida Chareidit has been removed. The store is located on Jaffe Street at the shuk, Machane Yehuda. (For those who you who joined me on shuk tours, this is the store with the photocopy about herbal teabags. The document attesting to his selling chametz last Pesach remains, but this is not a certification of kashrut).

Unfortunately, the store’s sign still reads “Badatz” but those who understand realize this is a meaningless claim if not verified by a valid teudat kashrut.

It appears the Eida is beginning to get tough in the shuk Baruch Hashem. I hope others will soon follow suit.

At present, Nisan’s Café, which is a coffee house that sells many items including legumes and spices, does not have kosher certification from any agency.

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