Home Burger – Jerusalem Central Bus Station

12 Cheshvan 5771
October 20, 2010

agudat-yisrael1I received a number of reports inquiring into the kashrus of the Home Burger restaurant in the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. One subscriber believed there was a mehadrin claim without a legitimate certificate to back up the claim.

Thanks to reader M. Zack, who responded to my request for a photo on site, I have learned that the store is under Badatz Agudat Yisrael. Yes, for the uninitiated, the Agudat Yisrael certificate is a far cry from what we believe a legitimate teudat kashrut should look like, but the dismal A4 sheet of paper is nonetheless on the level.

Some of you may remember I have tried in the past to persuade Agudah to change to a laminated certificate, something that gives the appearance of legitimacy and a document that cannot be forged with ease, but requests to date have fallen on deaf ears.

In any event, the place has a legitimate hechsher with the teudat kashrut expiring on 13 Nissan 5771.

And on a final note, if one has suspicions regarding an Agudah teudah, one may call the office and ask for verification [during business hours] at 02-538-5251.


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