Another Shuk Tour Completed

12 Cheshvan 5771
October 20, 2010

oct-20-2010-shuk-tour-2-smallI guess by now, it is not really big news but another Machane Yehuda shuk tour was successfully completed on Wednesday evening. The group was small; appearing even smaller since some participants were late for the photo and one participant preferred to remain anonymous.

In any event, I feel that the effort is paying off and with each group, more people are being exposed to the simple realities of shopping in Israel, now empowered with the knowledge and ability to navigate what appears to be a complicated kashrus reality, but in actuality, once we dispel the myths and misconceptions, it is not really that bad.

If you are interested in a shuk tour please monitor the website and/or the email list for announcements. There are currently none scheduled but there have been inquiries regarding a daytime tour. If that works for you, please send me an email at indicating a day of the week and time, and if there is sufficient response, I will try to accommodate in the near future blei neder.

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