Yasher Koach to the Eida Chareidit

6 Tishrei 5771
September 14, 2010

thumbs-upDuring this morning’s Shuk Tour of Machane Yehuda, I was met with a most pleasant surprise. The “Eida Chareidi” signs on the two Halva Kingdom branches located on Eitz Chaim Street in the shuk were gone.

As you may remember, on 29 Av 5770, I turned to the Eida to take action. For too long a period, the popular halva stores not only sold their products, but employees give out free samples all the time. Many a shopper believed the stores were under the hechsher of the Eida Chareidit, and at present, this stumbling block has been removed.

The stores do not have any hechsher, not from any agency, although a small sign remains which may lead shoppers to believe that pastries are under the supervision of the Badatz Beit Yosef, which they are not. I continue to work on that sign too.





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