Yasher Koach to Badatz Beit Yosef

13 Tishrei 5771
September 21, 2010
0121Yes, it dragged out for too long and in my opinion, the store owner of Phyllis Bakery on Eitz Chaim Street in Machane Yehuda was given way too much leeway, but the point, the Badatz agency finally gave him an ultimatum.

The owner had to decide to forfeit his hechsher or his pink plastic shopping bags displaying the logos of two kashrus agencies without authorization.

It is a painfully slow process, one store at a time, but Baruch Hashem, in the past months, a number of stores in the shuk have taken a turn for the better. Ditto for the paper bags displaying a third agency. (These guys are kashrus symbol crazy).

chochmat-burekasYasher Koach to the Jerusalem Rabbinate, Mehadrin: Chochmat Burekas (Machane Yehuda Street) no longer uses bags with unauthorized kashrus logos, ditto for paper bags, and it uses black magic marker to cover up a logo on its boxes. The store just printed a load of boxes so a deal was made permitting the magic marker act. The store maintains a Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin hechsher.


no-eida-sign-1As reported recently, the Halva Kingdom (Eitz Chaim Street) was compelled to forfeit its Eida Chareidit sign as well, and it continues operating, albeit without any hechsher from any agency, but still displays a bogus framed document and an adjacent sign seeking to persuade shoppers the Badatz Beit Yosef has something to do with his products. This of course is not factually accurate.

The work continues, one at a time, but I remain committed towards continuing efforts that will hopefully result in the shuk becoming an environment safe for kosher consumers, including those who do not understand the intricacies of kashrus realities in Israel today.

Wishing you all a chag Somayach.

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