Notice to the Public from Rabbi Moshe Y.L. Landau Shlita

24 Elul 5770
September 3, 2010
r-landau-logoThe following notification from Badatz Rav Landau is dated 21 Elul 5770.

As a result of the butter shortage in Israel, Strauss Ice Cream has imported butter from abroad, via Tnuva, which is being used in the following products.

1. 5.5 liter packages of ice cream (Glidariot)
2. Ice creams containing yoghurt
3. Dairy ice creams containing chocolate
4. Or those with chocolate coating (not including Tzimko)

The above notification is applicable for a temporary period of time, until the winter it appears, and any change in the status will be brought to the public’s attention.


I spoke with a rav in Rabbi Landau’s agency, who explained that the ice creams mentioned above remain under R’ Landau’s hechsher, but the Rav wants to make certain the tzibur understands that for the time being, the butter used is under the hechsher of Rabbi Whitman Shlita, the rav of Tnuva. This is the result of the nationwide butter shortage.

For those that may have noticed, there has also been a shortage of milk, which I am told is the result of the difficult heat conditions of late, which have had a negative impact on the milk cows – hence the shortage.


  • aaron
    September 3, 2010 - 11:45 | Permalink

    Seem kind of superfluous to me. Either Rav Landau trusts this butter and gives his hechsher or he doesn’t and should remove his hechsher. For those of us who rely on Rav Landaus hechsher, it should be good enough for us if it is good enough for him!

  • ydl
    September 14, 2010 - 11:54 | Permalink

    Rav Landau is responsible for the community in beni brak , so he may use kulas that he would normally avoid.

    This is not the case with heksherim like BDTZ mehadrin, that have no connection to a particular eida. They will not make compromises because there is a shortage on a particular product.

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