Machane Yehuda Shuk Tour

machane-yehuda523 Elul 5770
September 2, 2010

The next shuk walking tour of Machane Yehuda is taking place on Tuesday, September 14th (6 Tishrei 5771), the first tour of the year, beginning at 11:00am.

Those interested in joining may visit the online secure payment site using the “donate” button to pay in advance, NIS 30 a person.

Payment is non-refundable and if you cannot attend, you may give your slot to someone else but no refunds or credit will be issued.

Please make certain that there are slots available before paying by emailing me at, writing “shuk tour” in the subject line. After payment is received, you will receive an email confirmation along with instructions as to where we will be meeting.

The tours last from 1.5.-2 hours, covering the shuk, providing participants with an ability to understand the various kashrus agencies as well as learning what to look out for, including stores advertising as “kosher” or “mehadrin” but in actuality, lack any kashrut certification whatsoever.

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