Latest Chief Rabbinate Update on Insect-Free Greens

23 Elul 5770
September 2, 2010
lettuce1Following is a translation of the latest update from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel pertaining to the various companies selling insect-free leafy greens. The results pertain to the level of insect infestation and the level of pesticides found on products.

The inspection covers over 25 different companies selling insect-free greens.

Unlike earlier reports, this one also highlights two companies for excessive use of pesticides.

It should also be noted the report does not make reference to frozen or prewashed vegetables.

Regarding the following companies, it is preferable to wash in a soapy water solution and follow instructions on the package
1. Glatt Alim Badatz
2. Chasalat Alei Katif
3. Yarok min HaTeva
4. Meitav HaYerek
5. Katif Haaretz HaTova
6. Birkat David
7. Alim Yerukim

Regarding the following companies, one must soak them in soapy water prior to use.
1. Alei HaBesor (cited for high traces of pesticides)
2. Glatt Alim
3. Birkat Katif
4. Katif BaHar
5. YKM (Yerek Katif Mehadrin)
6. Alei HaSharon
7. Ra’ananim
8. Marina L’Mehadrim
9. Alei Bodek
10. Katif BaGolan
11. Meshek Cohen Mann

Regarding the following companies, one must soak products in soapy water prior to use and inspect each leaf against the sunlight.
1. Yarok B’Kfar  (cited for high traces of pesticides)
2. Yarok MeHaKfar
3. Glatt Salad
4. Y. Yevulei Katif
5. Meshek Hillman
6. Yarok B’Midbar

Regarding the following, the Chief Rabbinate has removed their kosher certification.
1. Aron Eliyahu
2. Yevulei HaNegev
3. Alei Mehudar
4. Faresco


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