CLARIFICATION: Meshek Cohen Mann

6 Elul 5770
August 16, 2010

cohen-mann-vege-products-1It appears that some readers were left with the incorrect impression that Rabbi Moshe Vaye Shlita no longer gives a hechsher to products of the above-mentioned company. In actuality, he does, but some items do not have his name and those items are not under his hechsher, and therefore, not his responsibility.

The posting from August 10th simply seeks to point out that those items without the rav’s name are not under his supervision. If the rav’s name appears, that product remains under his supervision.

As pointed out in the original post, one must inspect each item as a good general practice since in this case for example, one seeking Rabbi Vaye’s supervision will realize that not all Meshek Cohen Mann products have his hechsher.

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  • rosen issak
    August 19, 2010 - 16:57 | Permalink

    it still has the machsike echscher????
    so can u tellme it good or not????

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