26 Tammuz 5770
July 8, 2010

Sheiris Yisrael reports all fish sold with its hechsher are free of concerns regarding worms even if the packaging does not specifically state this.

The same is true for the Eida Chareidit (as reported earlier) and Jerusalem Rabbinate regarding fish sold in Machane Yehuda, including live carp, which the rabbinate reports are inspected prior to being permitted for sale (as was reported earlier as well).

shearisSheiris Yisrael: Bakala (Merluza – Hake) fish sold without any skin requires a special hechsher.

JKN NOTE: Any fillet without skin (i.e. simanei kashrus) requires a valid hechsher according to most authorities.


ice-cream1SUMMER ICE CREAM ALERT: Many ice cream stores/parlors display a sign attesting to the origin of the ice cream. (1) This is not a hechsher on the store, but the product, which one is expected to assume originates where specified in the document. (this too is not guaranteed without a hechsher but that’s your call as a consumer)

Assuming this is true, one must still inquire as to the hechsher on toppings, frozen fruits, syrups, cones and so-forth.

A store with an actual hechsher for the store is a different matter.

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  • Menachem
    July 8, 2010 - 17:42 | Permalink

    How can you tell on a live fish that it is worm-free?

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