Chief Rabbinate Update – 25/2010

Chief Rabbinate of Israel
Kashrut Fraud Division
Kashrut Alert – 25

24 Tammuz 5770
July 6, 2010

chief-rabbinate-of-israel11. Treif Alert!
An alert mashgiach prevented the sale of lamb fat suspected of being treif to a meat processing factory. Fraudulent shipping manifests and documents accompanied the non-kosher lamb fat, but the mashgiach’s keen eye detected what was taking place. The paperwork stated the item was under the kosher supervision of the Tel Aviv – Jaffa Rabbinate, with the perpetrators using a stolen book of shipping manifests, taken from the Carmel Shuk.

The investigators learned that Yitzchak Meir, who answers to the cellular telephone 054-734-9374 is marketing meat products under the name Meir Poultry Distributors (10 Savion Street in Ohr Yehuda). He uses shipping manifests labeled Chicken Distributors (5 Ta’asiya Street, Rechovot Industrial Area), with the latter stating kosher under the Tel Aviv Rabbinate, the stolen book of forms referred to earlier in the article.  

Needless to say any products from either of these companies may not be accepted in a kosher establishment. (Item 1 in the original Hebrew document. Photos below the article)

2. Ra’ama Company
In the northern area, inspectors found items sold under the company name listed originate from a roasting house (like those used to prepare seeds and nuts) run under the name William & Eli Arshid (04-998-4064). The items are marked “kosher mehadrin under the supervision of Rabbi Chaim Navon, Moshav Shazor”.

The rabbi has informed the Rabbinate that he does not give any supervision to this companies listed. These items are to be removed from shelves immediately and those in possession are requested to notify the Chief Rabbinate . (Item 2 in the original Hebrew document on the right side)

3. Pure Olive Oil
Yisraeli olive oil from the Glili oil press and the Katit M’eule olive oil in Kfar Asli are both marked Kosher for Passover, Badatz Yoreh Deah (Rabbi Shlomo Machpud) and the Chief Rabbinate National Kashrut Division.

In addition, Shemen Devira olive oil, 1 liter bottles, marked Kosher Chug Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak and Chief Rabbinate National Kashrut Division.

The above-mentioned items are all fraudulent and are to be removed from shelves immediately. (Item number 3 in Hebrew original, left side)


4. Dan Hill Dairy Restaurant – Jerusalem
The restaurant, located on Yoel Solomon Street, continues to advertise as being under the Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin hechsher despite the fact the hechsher was revoked. (See Item 4 in the original Hebrew document, left side)


5. Southern Comfort
The only bottles of this product permitted for use in kosher establishments are those bearing the kosher certification from Badatz Beit Yosef and the import permit from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. It bears the code L010311038, the only acceptable code number.

The Chief Rabbinate warns if Ackerman Distributors is caught trying to sell the other bottles, those without a hechsher, the kosher permit will be canceled until further notification and mashgichim are asked to keep a watchful eye amid reports of wrongdoing by the distributer. (Item 5 in the original Hebrew document, right side)


6. Café Café & The Best Shwarma
The branch at Bialik Junction near BiG ShuferSal (Shaare Hadera) has lost its kashrut from the Hadera Rabbinate due to kashrut violations.

In addition, the kosher certification from The Best Shwarma was also revoked. The store is located at 89 Herbert Samuel Street, Hadera. Here too, the cause was kashrut violations. (Item 6 in the original Hebrew document, left side)


7. Hemda Ugot Cookies
A complaint was received regarding the Hemdat Homemade Cookies bakery located at 13 Carlebach Street, in Tel Aviv. The store sells some items in bags marked “kosher dairy” but it does not have kosher supervision from the Tel Aviv Rabbinate. (Item 7 in the original Hebrew document on the right side)


8. Halul Restaurant & Pizza Maestro
The kosher supervision for Halul Restaurant in Herzliya was not renewed due to kashrut deficiencies. It is located on Misadat Halul Street.

Pizza Maestro, located at 10 Ben-Srok Street, also in Herzliya, lost its supervision too, yet continues to advertise as kosher.

9. Klein Bakery – Sderot
The bakery is located in the city’s industrial area and it continues operating for over the past year without kosher supervision from the local rabbinate. Nevertheless, the bakery continues selling its goods, labeled as “kosher” in defiance of the law.


10. Avital Petit Fours
The Binyamina – Givat Olga Rabbanut announces it has removed the kosher certification from this business upon the owner’s request and therefore, no longer bears responsibility for the kashrut of the products.


11. Chinavi Tzim Sam (Not sure of the name folks)
The Tel Aviv Rabbinate announces the business no longer has its supervision. It is located at 18 Shalavim Street in Tel Aviv.

(JKN NOTE: Haven’t a clue what is produced in the place)

12. Van Gogh Vodka
The above-named vodka is approved for import by the Chief Rabbinate, manufactured by the Luctor Company, in Orlando, USA.

The ultra-premium vodka is manufactured by Dirkzwager in Holland. It states kosher under the supervision of the Holland Rabbinate and the Chief Rabbinate approval for import. This kosher certification is for the following flavors – mint, pineapple, melon, blueberry, double espresso, espresso, pomegranate, orange, mango, coffee 19/90 XXO, banana, caramel and blue.

Only this brand, from this importer, bearing the required labels is permitted and unauthorized liqueurs/whiskies are not permitted due to kashrut concerns.


Rabbi Yaakov Sabag
Chief of Kashrut Division
Rabbi Rafi Yochai
Chief of National Kashrut Fraud Prevention

 As one finds in this update as well as previous updates, many times the enforcement division bulletins write “advertises as kosher but does not have local rabbinate supervision as required by law”.

I receive many emails regarding this so please, permit me to explain again.

The kosher law of the State of Israel, 1983, compels a business wishing to advertise as kosher to have a valid supervision from a local rabbinate, which in essence is an arm of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, which is the only agency empowered under the law to grant supervision.

At times, one may display a kosher supervision without having a local rabbinate, resulting in the eatery or factory being listed in Kashrut Enforcement Division Updates, since the agency is responsible for upholding the law.

For most consumers, it is wise to adhere to the warnings and distance oneself from such places unless one is well versed and knows which private agencies are legitimate or which are bogus. Some of the ‘unauthorized’ agencies simply sell a sign that has no mashgiach or kosher certifying agency standing behind it. When the term “unauthorized” agency is used, it may be making reference to one of the bogus firms operating for profit, duping the public, but at times, it may also refer to a legitimate non-governmental agency.

If one cannot be certain, one would be wise to exhibit caution and seek out an eatery displaying a certificate from a familiar agency. There are too many bogus agencies operating, presenting impressive signs to the public, but in reality, do not provide kashrut!

Usually, or perhaps in most cases, the legitimate agencies will not grant kosher supervision unless a business has first received local rabbinate supervision, since such agencies do not wish to operate outside the law.

Therefore, if one sees a kosher certificate and it is not aside a local rabbinate certificate, in many cases the agency in question is not legitimate and the kashrut of the establishment is in question.

The reverse however is not true, and seeing an unfamiliar ‘mehadrin’ sign aside a local rabbinate certificate does not guarantee the legitimacy of the store’s kashrut regarding its mehadrin claim.

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