Update from Badatz Beit Yosef

10 Tammuz 5770
June 22, 2010

badatz-beit-yosef2The following establishments are now certified by the agency.
1. Pizzale Yerushalayim (dairy) – 13 Kanfei Nesherim St., Jerusalem (1-700-50-50-48)
2. Chalat HaBayit Bakery (dairy/parve) 5 Herzl, Beit Shemesh (057-676-6500)
The following establishments are no longer under BBY.
1. Sharkiya Restaurant
2. Chopstick Restaurant
3. Tanur Bakery

Many of you question why an establishment is “no longer under a certification”.

When this information is made available to me, I pass it along. Most of the time, this is not the case.

Reasons could include an eatery going out of business; a management decision to change over to another kosher certifying agency; revocation due to kashrut violations.

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