Infestation Alert for Tomatoes

1 Tammuz 5770
June 13, 2010

tomatoesThe following alert was released today by Rabbi Moshe Vaei Shlita regarding concerns resulting from the discovery of a worm in tomatoes in Eretz Yisrael. The presence of the tomato worm is primarily of concern in large tomatoes grown in open fields as opposed to those in hothouses and controlled conditions.

One should visually inspect the outside of the tomato for signs of a small perforation or pinhole, with special attention to the stem area. At times, the crawly creature will carve a tunnel [clear in color] under the outer skin. The same creature may be found in potatoes and eggplant as well.

Cherry tomatoes should be visually inspected, especially in the area of the stem, and any suspicion should be followed by cutting open the tomato for a visual inspection.

NOTE: Summer fruits including nectarines, peaches and apricots should be checked well prior to eating as per “Bedikat HaMazon K’Hallacha (Rav Vaei’s seforim, set of 3), Volume 2 or alternatively in the abridged version as well.

To view the rabbi’s original text in Hebrew, follow the link .

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