Bucharin Bakery – 123 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem

19 Sivan 5770
June 1, 2010

bucharin-bakery-123-jaffa-signThe store’s Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin certificate states “Abdani Bakery” while the store’s sign reads “Buchari Bakery”.

I contacted the Jerusalem Rabbinate, speaking with the director of the kashrut department, Rabbi Yitzchak Iluitzsky and the mashgiach, Rav Gamliel. I was able to learn the store indeed has Jerusalem Rabbinate kashrus and they assured me a new certificate would be issued, so the name appearing on the store’s sign is reflected by the kosher certificate, admitting the error, apologizing, and expressing appreciation for pointing it out.

REMINDER, the name on the sign must be the same as the one appearing on the certificate. This is one of the four basic components of a legitimate kashrut certificate. The other three are; correct address, original not a photocopy and the certificate may not be expired, even by one day.


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