The Mitzvah of Shatnez – Coming Soon to JKN

13 Sivan 5770
May 26, 2010

shatnez-photo-with-sheepI have decided to expand the scope of JKN’s coverage to the field of shatnez, another aspect of kashrus as I view it. Adherence to this important mitzvah is weak in certain areas, I believe primarily due to the lack of freely available information. As such, I hope JKN will serve as a conduit to bring articles on the mitzvah to the public, and equally important, updates and warnings as they are released by the experts in the field.

I am pleased to announce that I have been successful in persuading R’ Eliyahu Neiman to oversee this page and its content, an individual involved in the field since 1991, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience to the general public. In the first stage, I envision posting a number of articles providing general information pertaining to shatnez to refresh our memory, and we will then begin posting shatnez alerts, more or less as I do with the kashrut alerts.

I am also hoping that a bit down the road, readers will be able to submit questions pertaining to shatnez which will be answered by Rabbi Neiman and other competent rabbonim in the field. Some may also be posted to the website (anonymously to protect one’s confidentiality) for public consumption.

Permit me to briefly introduce Rabbi Neiman –
r-eliyahu-neiman-6Rabbi Eliyahu Neiman in 1991 was certified as expert in the field of shatnez in testing and halacha from the “Vaad Mishmeres HaBeged” of Bnei Brak and the “International Association of Professional Shatnez Testers and Laboratories”, Lakewood, NJ.

He founded and managed the “Kiryat Sefer-Modi’in Illit Shatnez Laboratory from 1991-2005.

He was a senior tester in “Mishmeres Nasson Shatnez Laboratories, Jerusalem, from 2002-2008.

Rabbi Neiman is presently manager of the “Shatnez Express Beitar Illit” as well as the “RBS (Ramat Beit Shemesh) Shatnez Laboratory”. He also runs Shatnez pick-ups in Ramat Eshkol and Yeshiva Ohr Somayach.

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  • Pith from Pinhas
    May 26, 2010 - 16:17 | Permalink

    Kol hakavod Yechiel. This has been an issue I have been deeply concerned about for many years and I have some radical ideas as to what should be done about it if someone had a few million to invest.

    Put simply, this is in my opinion possibly the one mitzva deoraita in force for all in our days that the “Jew in the street” simply has no chance of observing, even if he has any idea of what it means.

    I am all the more gratified that it is the people involved in Kashrut (Rafi Yochai took it up a few months ago but I have heard nothing from him about it since) who are at last taking this on, at least two or three generations late. We need two things: national certification and bite-size education for all.

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