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4 Sivan 5770
May 17, 2010

fleish-meat-1After the recent statement released by Rabbi Y. Dov Krakowski of the OU-ISRAEL regarding Fleisch poultry products, a number of readers have sent emails to me questioning the status of the Fleisch meats, somewhat perplexed as to why the rabbi did not address the company’s beef products in his statement that did address poultry; chicken and turkey.

I emailed the rav, asking if he would be kind enough to release a statement on behalf of the OU to clarify the matter for readers, a policy statement of sorts.

The following is the statement released by Rabbi Krakowski, stating his position on the product, Fleisch beef.

“To all those who have asked regarding the Fleisch beef: The Fleisch beef is also Mehadrin (Glatt) by all standards of the world and I likewise buy and eat Fleisch Beef. The previous statement about the poultry was written as a response to various questions that were posed to me regarding the poultry”. Rabbi Y. Dov Krakowski (OU RFR [Rabbinical Field Representative] Israel).

Click to see earlier statement on Fleisch poultry.

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  • Avraham Levy
    May 23, 2010 - 14:33 | Permalink

    Again, Rabbi Krakowski, the question is not what you eat, but what the OU standards are. Unless you wish to disclose your personal standards.
    In reality, OU Israel needs to be upfront with the public to win acceptance. Please state clearly: You’re chicken and meat are mehadrin by Rubin standards? By Eida standards? By Landau standards?
    And again, would you win the approval of Rabbi Berkowitz, Rabbi Eisenstein, Rabbi Kuber on such a statement? If so, why have we not seen their approval? Wouldn’t it be natural to get these haskamos, so critical to the Ameican-chareidi bloc?
    In dairy, do you use Eida, Rubin, Aguda, Vaadat Mehadrin, or someother standard?
    How much of an impact has OU made in enhancing kashrus in hotels?
    Have standards been raised since your arrival on the scene?

    … and so much more we would like to know.

    Thank you

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