Clarification on Previously Published Statement

4 Iyar 5770
May 17, 2010

fleisch-advertCLARIFICATION: I was under the impression that the statement released by Rabbi Y. Dov Krakowski on May 13th, the Rabbinical Field Representative of OU-Israel, was quite clear, but it appears I erred.

 The statement was put out with quotation marks to inform readers the statement is that of the rabbi, in his own words, as he asked JKN to publish it. As is the policy of JKN, the statement is not reflective of JKN’s views or a policy statement of any kind.

 The statement was published at the behest of one of the authorized kashrut agencies in Israel and JKN will continue to do it’s utmost to accommodate authorized kashrut agencies whenever possible, which includes pertinent kashrut alerts and bulletins, which are reflective of the view of the respective agency, not necessarily JKN.

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