Please Call Badatz Agudat Yisrael and Complain


Expired in 5768 - 2 years ago!

7 Iyar 5770
April 21, 2010

I spoke with the good folks at Agudas Yisrael a number of weeks ago, questioning why the largest store in Machane Yehuda with their kashrus has a certificate which expired in 5768, TWO YEARS AGO.

I called and questioned if in fact they still give supervision to ‘Yaakov Cohen & Sons’ (9 Eitz Chaim Street). I was told yes, they do. I asked why the certificate expired two years ago and the rabbi on the other end exclaimed “it can’t be” but after checking, he learned that not only am I correct, but the mashgiach is aware but does not see the urgency in the matter since shoppers know the store is under Agudat Yisrael supervision.

Ugat Chen  - cakes, cookies & bread

Ugat Chen - cakes, cookies & bread

A second mission with the same agency, hence one phone call, regarding ‘Ugat Chen’ on Machane Yehuda (the outside) Street. The kashrut certificate from Agudah says “parve” but after many many visits, I am unable to discern how anyone here can claim that there is any separation made between the oven sheet pans baking the dairy and parve products. The sign should at least indicate this, perhaps “chezkat chalavi”.

Please inundate Agudah with phone calls telling them we will no longer stand for sloppy kashrus and if an agency cannot bother to update its certification, we will no longer rely on that agency, and we will spread the word. The time has come for some standardization. As you may know, there are a number of vendors in the shuk selling bread with the same hechser as well as fruit/vegetable vendors. They must have one unified certificate to permit shoppers to know the displayed sign is legitimate.

It’s time to take matters into our own hands and begin making an impact, compelling change, and this is a good place to start. The office number is 02-538-5251.

I would also humbly suggest demanding that you insist the agency print laminated kosher certificates, something a bit more sophisticated than the simple piece of paper used today, a document that a child novice could duplicate on a bare bones PC. In this day and age, their simple computer print out with a rubber stamp insignia, at times laminated and at times non-laminated, is unacceptable and the kashrut agency, which is a ‘for profit’ venture, must print legitimate certificates to give consumers a fighting chance.

I have seen that the public voicing its opinion can result in change and I call on you to assist me in beginning to make order in Machane Yehuda since it appears no one else plans on taking on the assignment.

Don’t worry, I have other missions too, but let’s start small. This only demands telephone calls. If your Hebrew is limited, do not be embarrassed. Call and speak in English or other language. If enough consumers call, they will get the message.

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