Israel: Potato Chip Alert

13 Iyar 5770
April 27, 2010


kettle-classic-potato-chips5oz packages of Kettle Classic ‘Wasabi’ Ranch potato chips are being sold in Israel, but they are mislabeled.

The importer, Tomer Yevu, Kfar HaMaccabi ( has placed a Hebrew import label on the bags declaring them as ‘kosher/parve’, covering the original ‘kosher/dairy’ designation.
I would like to remind readers once again that one MUST see the original hechsher on any imported food item, for one may NOT rely on the Hebrew mandatory import label alone, for too frequently, importers mistakenly [or intentionally] provide information that differs from the original, which is your only guarantee as per the product’s kashrut certification.

JKN Thumbs Up to the following individuals and organizations;
1) An alert Tzfat consumer who noticed the error and persuaded her grocer to remove the item from store shelves.
2) The Kof-K Kashrus for expeditiously handling the matter, dealing with the importer and relevant agencies.
3) The importer for promising to take immediate corrective action and apologizing for the error.

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  • Shy Guy
    April 28, 2010 - 16:45 | Permalink

    I spotted the dairy designation on the original package a few weeks ago but did not notice the discrepancy on the Hebrew import label.

    That’s because as a rule, I only rely on the original packaging of imported products whenever applicable.

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