Alert: Birchat David Company (Insect-Free Greens)

4 Iyar 5770
April 18, 2010

birchat-david-greensThe following report pertains to an inspection of the insect-free greens marketed by the Birchat David Company, dated April 8, 2010, carried out under Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Tzfat and head of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel unit which monitors the insect-free produce.

On Erev Pesach we announced that one must inspect the merchandise of the Birchat David Company after finding two aphids (insect) and thrips in lettuce and celery from this company. In accordance with the Chief Rabbinate’s standard, one of each disqualifies the item. We therefore wrote that products from this company must be washed and inspected. Due to continued inquiries, we are releasing the following results of another test conducted.

The test results document, which can be found on the JKN website lists test results for parsley, nana leaves, and scallions, all listed as “clean”.

Insects were found in cabbage, red cabbage, and coriander produced by the company. As such, the Chief Rabbinate has ordered removing its kashrut certification from these items.

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