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Chief Rabbinate Update 19/2010

Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrut Enforcement Division Kashrut Alert – 19   13 Iyar 5770 April 27, 2010 The Rabbinate has removed its hechsher from Meshek Kroiter insect-free greens after laboratory inspection revealed infestation in the company’s cauliflower and broccoli. As such, stores and events under Rabbanut supervision may not use the product. (Photo on read more »

Israel: Potato Chip Alert

13 Iyar 5770 April 27, 2010   5oz packages of Kettle Classic ‘Wasabi’ Ranch potato chips are being sold in Israel, but they are mislabeled. The importer, Tomer Yevu, Kfar HaMaccabi ( has placed a Hebrew import label on the bags declaring them as ‘kosher/parve’, covering the original ‘kosher/dairy’ designation.

Treif Meat Delivery Intercepted in Israel

13 Iyar 5770 April 27, 2010 Inspectors have succeeded in confiscating 700 kilograms (1,540 LBS) of illegal meat originating in PA (Palestinian Authority) autonomous areas, on its way to the Israeli marketplace. A truck carrying the tainted treif meat was stopped at Charish Junction, with health inspectors reporting it originated in the PA village of read more »

Please Call Badatz Agudat Yisrael and Complain

7 Iyar 5770 April 21, 2010 I spoke with the good folks at Agudas Yisrael a number of weeks ago, questioning why the largest store in Machane Yehuda with their kashrus has a certificate which expired in 5768, TWO YEARS AGO. I called and questioned if in fact they still give supervision to ‘Yaakov Cohen & read more »

Star-K Check for Insects Site

7 Iyar 5770 April 21, 2010 The Star-K hechsher in the United States has launched a site to assist you in learning how one should inspect for insects in various food items, including vegetables, fruits and nuts. It is important to point out that this page is intended for the United States, not Israel, where policies read more »

Alert Concerning ‘The Israel Whiskey Society’

5 Iyar 5770 April 19, 2010 Jerusalem Kosher News has learned that the “The Israeli Whiskey Society” single cask whiskey that is about to go on sale (“Jerusalem Cask”) or is already on sale (“Scots Hotel” Single Cask) is most probably chametz that remained in the possession of a Jew over Passover and therefore, may read more »

Alert: Birchat David Company (Insect-Free Greens)

4 Iyar 5770 April 18, 2010 The following report pertains to an inspection of the insect-free greens marketed by the Birchat David Company, dated April 8, 2010, carried out under Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Tzfat and head of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel unit which monitors the insect-free produce. THE REPORT On read more »

Chief Rabbinate Update – 18/2010

Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrut Fraud Division Kashrut Alert – 18   27 Nissan 5770 April 11, 2010 As a result of repeated and continuous inquiries into the reliability of grape juice sold in Israel without kosher certification from local rabbinates, a surprise inspection was made by representative of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Kashrut read more »

Bourbon and the Sale of Chametz

4 Iyar 5770 April 18, 2010 Erev Shabbat Vayakel-Pikudei (Translated with permission from Rabbi Shmuel Zemelman – who is affiliated with the Jerusalem Religious Council Kashrut Dept and an authority on kashrut and alcoholic beverages. There was a stormy debate in the mikve surrounding bourbon, with one gentleman insisting that since the drink is derived read more »

More on Israel Duty Free – El Al Sold Its Chametz

According to El Al’s Rav Hayut, even the duty free at Ben-Gurion International Airport which sold its chametz continued selling chametz during Pesach, transgressing the sale. The rav points out however that El Al’s chametz was sold in strictest adherence to halacha, sold to a non-Jew by Rav Wosner, and it was under lock and read more »