Pesach Times as Per the Eida Chareidit

7 Nissan 5770
March 22, 2010

shabbos-candlesTimes according to Jerusalem skyline and in accordance with daylight savings time, which begins Thursday night to Friday morning, (25 March – 26 March). At 2:00am we move clocks an hour ahead to 3:00am.

**Last time one may eat chametz – 10:08am
**Chametz must be burned/destroyed – 11:25am

Monday, erev Pesach (29 March)
Candle lighting on Monday, erev Pesach –
6:18pm (Jerusalem), 6:36pm (Tel Aviv), 6:27 (Haifa)

Tuesday 15 Nissan (30 March)
**Sunrise – 6:28am
**End of First Day Yomtov
7:34pm (Jerusalem), 7:36pm (Tel Aviv), 7:36 (Haifa) Rabeinu Tam 8:11pm

Friday (2 April)
Candle lighting – Shabbat Chol Hamoed –
6:21pm (Jerusalem), 6:38pm (Tel Aviv), 6:30 (Haifa)

Saturday (3 April) Shabbat Ends
7:36pm (Jerusalem), 7:39pm (Tel Aviv), 7:38 (Haifa) Rabeinu Tam 8:14pm

Sunday (4 April)
 Candle lighting – Seventh day of Pesach –
6:22pm (Jerusalem), 6:41pm (Tel Aviv), 6:32 (Haifa)

Monday (5 April)
7:38pm (Jerusalem), 7:40pm (Tel Aviv), 7:40 (Haifa) Rabeinu Tam 8:14pm

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