More on Pizza Shop Update from Earlier in the Week

25 Adar 5770
March 11, 2010

eida-chareiditEarlier in the week, JKN reported the Eida Chareidis removed its supervision from two Jerusalem pizza shops, Pizza Lahit (44 Yirmiyahu Street) and Pizza Shai (1 Amos Street), both in the Geula area.

Now for the explanation – About a year ago, the Eida learned the stores used the ‘call forwarding’ feature during busy hours, referring phone orders to other stores owned by the same entrepreneur in the capital, but those stores are not under the Eida Chareidit, but the Jerusalem Rabbinate, non-mehadrin.

The kashrut agency picked up on what was taking place and decided to offer the store an alternative, to pay for a mashgiach timidi (full-time) or give up the hechsher. They opted for the full-time mashgiach.

On Purim, both stores were closed. An Eida official decided to test the integrity of his client, phoning the pizza shops and ordering many pies. They pies were delivered, piping hot, fresh from the Jerusalem Rabbanut stores with the customer believing they were from the Eida Chareidit store.

The kashrut agency promptly removed the hecsher from both.


  • NP
    March 11, 2010 - 11:39 | Permalink

    Thanks for this report. It shows that the Eida Chareidit far from being the backward group they are sometimes portrayed as, are actually very much in this world and on the ball.

  • yechiel-admin
    March 11, 2010 - 17:07 | Permalink

    From a reader
    Thanks for your update – it is quite shocking!
    In London, the Kedassia hechsher will not allow any of its clients – owners of stores with a kedassia hechsher – to even own another store with a hechsher from a different kashrus authority. Recently, a meat store owner had to choose between which of his two stores he wanted to keep – even though there had been no infractions.

  • Shy Guy
    March 11, 2010 - 17:45 | Permalink

    Yechiel, can you find out what the names are of the other non-Bedatz pizza shops belonging to these dishonest businessmen?

  • Dovi
    March 11, 2010 - 19:45 | Permalink

    The Slice pizza shops in London are under Federation in Golders Green and Kedassia in Stanford hill. So this rule may only apply to meat.

  • arie
    March 21, 2010 - 21:16 | Permalink

    Dishonest is not the way I see it where is “dan lekav schut” we are talking about pizza it is only dishonest if the second shop claims to
    have badatz hecher.Is it worth loosing olam haba over a pizza.
    (choshed bekesharim is a grave sin far more than non badatz pizza )

    to publish here the names of the non-Bedatz pizza stores is also Lahon harah.

    Where is Jewish ethics


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