Metamucil Update for Pesach

9 Nissan 5770
March 24, 2010
Kashrus Alert: Please post in all shuls:
metamucil-wafersPlease note that information regarding Metamucil Wafers was listed incorrectly in the 2010 Passover Guide to Cosmetics and Medications published by Kollel Los Angeles and in the 2010 Passover Directory published by Star-K.

The correct information is as follows:
Metamucil Wafers are chometz and should not be consumed on Pesach.

Please note that the all Metamucil powders are chometz free as listed in the guide, and Metamucil Original Texture is Kitniyos Free as well.

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  • harris
    March 28, 2010 - 20:14 | Permalink

    are the flavored powder ( regular and sugar free) kosher for pesach

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