Fish Names – English to Hebrew

16 Adar 5770
March 2, 2010

fish-manyThe Purim email addressing fish infestation concerns has generated a considerable amount of email.

First let me assure readers, many having asked, the email was not a Purim spoof.

Secondly, to the many seeking the Hebrew names of the fish, here are some to give you a hand. 

Carp – Carpion
Cod – Ze’ev Yam
European Sea Bass (small) – Levrak
Grey Mullet – Buri
Flounder  – Dag HaSandal
Haddock – Chamor Yam
Hake – Bakalah/Merluza
Halibut – Putit
Herring – Dag Maluach or Herring
Mackerel – Same in Hebrew
Mullet – Mullet
Mushut/Amnon – Tilapia/ St. Peter’s
Nile Perch – Nisichot HaNilus
Plaice – Dag Moshe Rabeinu
Rainbow Trout – Forel
Red Mullet – Mulit Aduma
Red Snapper – Farida
Red Tilapia – Adomonit
Salmon – same in Hebrew
Sardine – same in Hebrew
Sea Bream – Denise (Chipura/Dorada)
Sole – same in Hebrew
Tilapia – Amnon
Trout – Forel
Tuna – same in Hebrew

Thirdly, I hope to provide more information in the near future. I have been in contact with a kashrut agency in the United State which I believe will assist.

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