Chief Rabbinate Update – 12/2010

Chief Rabbinate of Israel
Fraud Division
Kashrut Alert – 12

18 Adar 5770
March 4, 2010

 chief-rabbinate-of-israel1Recent tests conducting by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel have confirmed the presence of the “bulb” bug in green and red heads of cabbage. The insect is rather transparent and as such, difficult for untrained eyes to detect its presence.

Therefore, all local rabbinates around the country are instructed to use only the bug-free cabbages, red and green. In cases of dire need, assuming the mashgiach has the time and logistical ability to inspect cabbage leaves, if the religious council rav agrees, he may inspect the regular cabbage, providing that 8-9 [top] leaves are first removed. (Item one in Hebrew original – photo left side)

An inspection of the Gavrieli slaughter house (6 Pardes Street in Azur), stickers (labels) were found indicating the produce is under the supervision of the Azur Rabbinate + A. Baruch Distribution LTD, but this is simply not the case. (Item 2 in Hebrew original – photo right side)

A surprise inspection of the Kennedy Plus Company facility in Moshav Chemed revealed the importer was affixing labels onto products claiming “Kosher for Passover 5770 [this year] under the supervision of Rabbi Saadon. The products lack supervision and are not approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel Import Division. (Item 3 in Hebrew original. Poor photo on left side).


Regarding a carbonated orange soft drink (barcode 5414145061409) manufactured by Sodeko Company in Belgium, imported by Berel Alon LTD, claiming kosher supervision of “Chug Rambam, France”. The item is imported without approval of the Chief Rabbinate Import Division and should not be used. (Item 4 in original Hebrew document – right side).


According to HaGaon HaRav Moshe Havlin Shlita, the chief rabbi of Kiryat Gat, he is not giving kashrut supervision on Kisei Rachamim hand shmura matzot despite claims that they are under his supervision (sorry, no photo)


Gulf Restaurant – See JKN Report dated March 4th -

Rabbi Menachem Malka Shlita, rav of Melilot has asked to publicize that he does not grant kosher certification to Tomer (or Tov) Chalili rice, made in Melilot. This includes all aspects of kosher certification, such as tithes, shabbat observance, and insect infestation. (sorry, no photo)


Notice for mashgichim in chain stores – at times, bakeries in stores use an array of whole grains in baking, generally sprinkled atop of an item (such as rolls/bread). Based on information obtained from mashgichim these ‘toppings’ may pose a problem regarding insect infestation and therefore, they require rigorous inspection by a mashgiach prior to use. After storage, the grains more be stored in a refrigerate environment. A hechsher on such items does not alleviate one from checking for infestation.


The Chof HaSharon Rabbinate wishes to remind the public it does not grant kosher certification to the Alita Restaurant in the Grand Neter neighborhood of Kfar Neter. Nevertheless, this does not seem to stop the restaurant from advertising itself as kosher under the rabbinate.


In another note to mashgichim, you are urged and compelled to demand proper kashrut documentation accompanying shipments of fruits and vegetables, especially today when some fruits, like strawberries, arrive directly from certain orchards, bypassing the Rabbinate’s logistical center.

Following is a list of establishments that either had their kosher certification revoked or present themselves as kosher without authorization.

Erez Assado Catering located in Yishuv Barkan. Due to kashrus deficiencies, the rabbinate revoked its supervision.

Patzatz Pizza – Bonjour Araba – Merkaz HaKfar – they advertise on flyers that they are kosher but lack approved supervision.

Grill House – kosher supervision revoked.

Chopstick Restaurant in the Hadera Mall – Kashrus supervision revoked.

The Shavit factory moved, outside of city limits, and therefore, it is no longer under the Netanya Rabbinate. Items should now be marked “Matte Asher Rabbinate”. Items still claiming Netanya Rabbinate should not be used.

Rafi’s Lafa Restaurant – 78 Jerusalem Street – Advertises as kosher without authorization.

HaMakom Shel Ima Restaurant – oppose Nesicha Hall – advertises as kosher without authorization.

Café Café – the intersection of Herzl and Yehuda Halevy Sts. Advertises as kosher without authorization.

Classy Yossi Restaurant – 47 Matalon Street – Advertises as “kosher mehadrin” without authorization.

The remainder address the directive for local rabbinical councils concerning the sale of chametz, which is not being translated.

Link to original Hebrew Document.

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