Chief Rabbinate Pre-Pessach Alert Regarding Lettuce and Greens

yivul-hanegev-greensThe Chief Rabbinate of Israel has issued an alert ahead of Pesach, warning consumers that while people are diligent in removing chametz and seeing to other yomtov needs, many are unaware that the so-called insect-free greens may by a far cry from claims made by the growing number of companies.

The document addresses lettuce and celery (karpas).

Testing was conducted before yomtov, under the direction of Tzfas Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Shlita, who stands in charge of this department in the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Following is a translation of the Hebrew document released by the Rabbanut. It divides the greens into three categories;
1. Should soak in soapy water and follow instructions on package:
2. Must be soaked in soapy water before use:
3. Soak in soapy water and check each leaf separately against the sun:
The attached list has been issued after blind testing for the Israel Chief Rabbinate’s Kashrut enforcement dept by three separate labs.
Should soak in soapy water and follow instructions on package:
 Birkat Katif
Cohen Mann Farm
Alei Habesor
Must be soaked in soapy water before use:
 Glatt Alim
Yevulei HaNegev
Yarok mehaKfar
Yarok min HaTeva
Meitav Haaretz
Marina Glatt
Alei Bodek
Alim Yerukim
Alim Nekiim
Katif BaGolan
Katif Haaretz HaTova
Soak in soapy water and check each leaf separately again the sun:
 Birkat David
Y. Yevulei Katif
Yevulei Lachish
YKM (Yerek Katif Mehadrin)
MS Katif
Alei Hasharon
Tenuvot Haaretz
The Rabbinate states that none of the above should be taken to mean that any of the companies listed should be avoided.
Pesach Kasher, Samayach and bug-free!

Link to the original Chief Rabbinate document.

 Link to accompanying letter – explanation.


  • Shalhevet
    March 18, 2010 - 03:13 | Permalink

    Thank you so much! Why does Bitkat David have 2 hechsherim – one from Rav Efrati and say that after washing it may be used without checking????
    I just threw out a pkg of lettuce that I picked up in the shuk for use tomorrow.

  • Yehudit levy
    March 23, 2010 - 14:39 | Permalink

    Finally! Hopefully the Chief Rabbinate will extend their concerns to dangerous colourings and preservatives in childrens snacks, most notably MSG which is still shockingly prevalent.

  • Rivka
    March 23, 2010 - 18:29 | Permalink

    Are any of these vegetables hydroponic? Need to know if the bracha is ha’adamah.

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