Update on Just Like Sugar

24 Shvat 5770

logoI spoke with Rabbi Rafi Yochai of the Chief Rabbinate Fraud Division this morning, who informed me that the date of the Chief Rabbinate import authorization appearing on the website now states 2008, in line with the legitimate one that was issued.

It would appear the importer in Israel backtracked and removed the forged letter expiring on 31.12.2010, now displaying the proper expiration date.

That said, Rabbi Yochai remains uncertain regarding the kosher status of the product, admitting the situation is confusing and at present, he seems unable o determine the status of the product regarding the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

There does not appear to be any change regarding the status of the hechsher claimed on the website from the Chug Chatam Sofer Agency, which expired a number of years ago and the documents displayed on the website are not genuine.

For background information of to the see the documents mentioned, one may view the original JKN report on the product in question

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  • yechiel-admin
    February 8, 2010 - 16:00 | Permalink

    Posted on behalf of R.H. Taber (Jerusalem)

    R’ Yechiel,

    I have not seen you express too many opinions on this site, but I will give you mine. With folks like the Justlikesugar (JLS) I would not buy their stuff now without a major apolpgy and some serious $ to the certifying agency for using their name etc.

    Even if they were only found to be using items that did not need hashgocha (apples from Chul, whole and unprocessed) they can not be trusted without a fulltime staff of msahgichim.

    Gut Voch

    R. H. Taber

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